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Author: writerjay89
Created: January 31, 2009
Taken: 30 times
Rated: G

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Problem Survey

Created by writerjay89 and taken 30 times on Bzoink
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Does your life suck?
Do you get picked on at school?
Do you get beat up at school?
Are you currently being cheated on?
Do have any friends?
Do you cut yourself?
Do you starve yourself?
Do you force yourself to eat a lot?
Do you have a terminal disease?
Are your parents divorced?
Do you not get along with your siblings?
Do you feel less than beautiful?
Do you have bad skin?
Are you an alcoholic?
Are you a heavy drug user?
Do your ears stick out?
Can you not afford the things you want?
Are you pregnant?
Do you overeat?
What's your problem anyway?