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Author: ibreakhearts66
Created: January 29, 2009
Taken: 0 times
Rated: G

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Figure Skater Survey

Created by ibreakhearts66 and taken 0 times on Bzoink
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The beginning
How old were you when you first started skating?
What got you interested in skating?
Do you take private lessons? If so, when did you begin?
How did you choose your coach?
How old were you when you entered your first competition?
What level did you compete at?
What music did you use?
Do you get nervous before competition?
What is your favorite competition-related memory?
How old were you when you took your first test?
What is the highest level you have tested now?
Do you get more nervous for testing or for competition?
Jumps/Spins/Other Elements
What is your favorite jump?
What is your favorite spin?
What is your favorite
What would you call your
What jump/spin/other element took you the longest to learn?
What jump/spin was most rewarding to learn?
Do you consider yourself a better jumper or spinner?
Do you work on jumps or spins more?
What is the most difficult jump you have landed?
What is the most difficult spin you are working on?
Untangible stuff
What is your personal goal in skating?
How far do you think you can take your skating?
What do you think skating has taught you?
Have you come further in the sport than you ever thought possible?
Skating and YOU
Describe your skating in 3 words
Describe what skating means to you
What does it feel like when you first get on the ice?
A few more boring questions
How many coaches do you have?
How often do you skate?
And for how long?
Do you train on freestyle sessions or public session?
Do you do off-ice training? Ballet, reflex training, pilates, etc?
Do you take any group lessons?