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About This Survey

Author: icemanof92
Created: January 26, 2009
Taken: 126 times
Rated: G

Birthday survery- best results if taken on or after your birthday

Created by icemanof92 and taken 126 times on Bzoink
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Part I
What's your name?
When is your birthday?
How old are you now?
The past year/age
Did you enjoy being your previous age?
Did your previous age bring any special rights/privileges?
Whats something special you did in the last year?
What was the nicest thing you did for someone in the last year?
What from the last year are you most proud of?
Did you save anyone's life in the last year?
Did you make enough money?
Sum up how it felt to be the age you were last year in one word.
This birthday
What did you do?
Who were you with?
What kind of bday cake did you have?
Did you drink any alcoholic beverages?
Did you do anything whacky?
Did you call anyone?
Did you dance?
Did you cry?
Did you dive into a pool?
Did you go to the beach?
This year
Does the age you are now come with any special rights/privileges?
Does it bother you to be a year older?
What is something you think is going to happen this year that is bad?
What's something you hope to accomplish this year?
Do you plan to have work done on your house this year?
Are you going to write a book?
Name three things you hope will happen to you this year.
Name 3 things you hope to accomplish this year.
Next year
Anything special planned for the next bday?
Anything you're looking forward to next year?
Questions I forgot to put in the other sections
What did you get for your bday this year?
Which (if any) of those was something you will never use?
Did you suffer nostalgia in the past year?
Are you one of those people who reflects sadly on their live on their bday?