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Author: beachbum47
Created: January 24, 2009
Taken: 86 times
Rated: G

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Don't Say A Word That I Wouldn't Say =X

Created by beachbum47 and taken 86 times on Bzoink
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What kind of music player do you have?
How about cell phone?
Do you own Ugg boots?
What is your opinion on cartilage piercings?
Do you like the iPhones?
Or better yet, do you have an iPhone?
Which is better -- the iPod Touch or the iPhone?
What is the simplest cell phone in your mind?
How about the most complicated one?
What age did you recieve your first cell phone?
How many songs are on your music player?
How many songs can it hold?
Have you ever gotten your cell phone stolen?
Have you ever stolen anyone's electronic devices?
Do you bring electronics to school/work?
Now, put your music player on shuffle & finish the sentence!
If I say tomato, you say...
You find out your best friend is dating one of your family members...
When you get bad grades, your parents yell...
How you feel when you lose a pet...
When someone says, "I told ya so!"...
Now time for this or that!
Eggs or toast?
Bacon or sausage?
Pink or green?
Orbit or Trident?
Moles or squirrels?
Cameras or coffee?
Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts?
Skin or Hair?
Alrighty...time for true/false!
You have dated one of your siblings' exes.
You have gotten straight A's.
You swear when you get mad.
You jump up and down when you're really happy.
You have skipped school.
You are a vegetarian.
You love shopping.
You eat junk food on the weekends.
You fight for what you believe in.
You aren't shy.
Alrighty, back to the questions!
So0o...how was this survey?
What was your favorite question?
How about least favorite question?
What would you have done to make this survey better?
Or do you like it the way it is?
Thanks for your feedback! Enjoy your day :)