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Author: ouilleaux
Created: January 23, 2009
Taken: 140 times
Rated: G

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How are you todayish?

Created by ouilleaux and taken 140 times on Bzoink
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How many pairs of striped socks do you own?
Do you like bowling?
Do you prefer hot or cold pizza?
Is your printer working?
Are you SURE?
Say something to your best friend:
Say something to your nemesis:
What's you're favorite floating character? (on the keyboard)
Do you play the piano?
How about the bassoon?
Do you know what the difference is between a sledgehammer and a jackhammer?
Are you autistic?
Are you ADD?
Are you lacking any mental conditions of any sort?
Do you like glittery things?
Have you ever eaten soap?
Have you ever eaten sand?
Have you ever eaten Emu?
Do you believe in God?
Do you think Atheist is a harsh word?
How do you feel about the world as you know it?
How do you feel about acupuncture?
How do you feel about cancer?
Do you like someone?
Who is it? (if yes)
Say something you're SURE nobody knows about you:
Look down at your shirt. Are you wearing a designer shirt?
Designer labels are a bit ridiculous, in my opinion.
Do you prefer avocados or monkey wrenches?
What's your middle initial?