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Author: xxkuzonxx
Created: January 23, 2009
Taken: 783 times
Rated: G

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Created by xxkuzonxx and taken 783 times on Bzoink
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What are some things that you consider a waste of time? Why?
What feeling do you have the most difficult in expressing?
How do you think you would handle yourself in a crisis situation?
How would someone be able to tell if you were happy?
Are you usually an organized person? Why/why not?
Do you make your bed everyday? Why/why not?
If you had the power to shapeshift, what would you turn into first? Why?
Does any particular season make you happier than others? Why/why not?
Do you like to exaggerate things for effect?
Can you adapt to change easily? Any examples?
How often do you cry? What can bring you to tears?
Would you describe yourself as a peace-keeper or a trouble-maker?
Do you give money to homeless people/beggars? Why/why not?
In what circumstances do you feel most at peace?
What is the best thing about being a male/female?
Do you enjoy hugging people? Do you enjoy receiving hugs?
Do you think that luck has much to play in your life?
Do you think you are interesting or a bore?
How would you rate your maturity among your peers? Scale of 1-10?
What do you feel is your number one flaw? Are you doing anything about it?
Do you see yourself as worthy of love? Why/why not?
What is your greatest disappointment?
Do you think you are competitive? Do you really dislike losing?
On which topics do you feel qualified at giving advice?
What is a talent you wish you possessed?
What would you be famous for?
How long does it take until you can't be alone anymore?
Are you anything like any members of your family? How?
Do you tend to be punctual or are you usually late?