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Author: -ily-ylm-
Created: January 23, 2009
Taken: 265 times
Rated: PG

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.♥.Deep Inside.. I'm Barely Breathing, But You Just See A Smile.♥.=]

Created by -ily-ylm- and taken 265 times on Bzoink
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Hey you! How was your day today?
Whats a restaurant that you won't ever have dinner/eat at again?
Did you have your morning coffee this morning? Or do you not like coffee?
Do you ever let scary movies get to you, and end up scaring yourself?
Is there someone you know that is absolutely repulsive?
Are you tired from last night? Did you stay up late last nite at all?
Do you have over 400 songs on your ipod? Are all of your songs good?
Have you ever seen like THE hottest guy ever and just almost collapsed?
Do you eat randomely, just whenever the hell you want?
Did you have trouble getting up this morning?
Whats a movie you cannot BARE to ever watch again?
What's a few things that automatically make you go, "Awwwe"?
Do you have soft hands? Do you like holding hands?
Have you ever burnt a food, and make the whole house smell gross?
If so, what was the food you burnt while cooking?
Wouldn't it be awesome if you had your own personal jet pack?
Whats your opinion on purfumes that are REALLY expensive? Do you like them?
Name a thing that melts in your mouth that you love:
Have you ever really hated a teacher and practically made it clear you did?
Who got you hooked on the addiction your addicted to (If you have one)?
Are you a little bit cautious around horses? Do they scare you a bit?
Do you like roasting marshmellows? Can you toast one perfectly?
Have you ever burnt your tongue like REALLY bad? If so, what on?
If you could live next door to ANYONE, who would you want to live beside?
Do you think your friends are pretty? Do your friends think your pretty?
Do you like having random power naps now and then?
Is your hair soft? Do you ever brush it at work or school?
What do you think about lip gloss? Do you ever wear lip gloss?
Are you currently worried about your parents finding out about something?
Don't you hate it when your drink is too hot to drink? I do...
Whats the coolest thing you've ever made in a metal/wood work class?
Do you like concerts? If so, do you like being in the mosh pit?
Do you like alot of dairy products? Whats one of your favorites?
Have you ever "liked" two guy bestfriends at the same time?
Who can you trust more secrets with, a best guyfriend or a best girlfriend?
Where are the best cinnamon buns made? Do you love cinnamon buns?
Do you think having a sleepover with a guy is theoretically acceptable?
Have you ever had a REALLY bad rug burn? Did someone drag you?
Do you think pasta and salad go good together? Whats your favorite in mind?
Do you like going go-karting in the summer? Do you floor it when driving?
Did you like eating Happy Meals at Mcdonalds as a kid?
Have you ever cried because you had lost something valuable or of meaning?
You can go to any restaurant; what restaurant, and what do you order?
Have you ever sat on computer for more than 4 hours?
Do you ever go on youtube and browse & look for new songs?
Were you ever a fan of simulation games? Ever heard of Harvest Moon?
I loved it! Do you have a brother who is quite the video game fanatic?
Are you a video game lover? Whats your all time favorite video game?
When your cat stares at you, do you stare back?
What grandparents are better, the ones on your moms or dads side?
Do you like to have cake on your birthday? Which kind of cake in mind?
What is your absolute ALL time favorite song at the moment?
Whats better, snow tubing or water tubing? Why?
Do you like drinking Mocha's?(Hot Chocolate and Coffee together):
Do you ever get random headaches? If so, why do you think the reason is?
Have you ever seen your mom cry? Is it hard for you to see your mom cry?
Do you have a problem with Emo's? You better not! <3
Are you sick and tired, of being sick and tired?
Whats your favorite cereal? Did you ever eat the cereal Trix?
I loved that cereal. Do you use alot of milk when eating cereal?
Are you allergic to anything REALLY weird? Do you know someone who is?
Do you like Oreo cookies? Or are chocolate chip ones better...?
Are you a fan of spicy foods? Whats the spiciest food ever in your opinion?
Are you getting sick of all these food questions? Sorry if you are...
Almost done, do your hands ever get really cold when your on computer?