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Author: bumblebeebrit
Created: January 22, 2009
Taken: 780 times
Rated: PG

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50 facts   about me  

50 Not So Known Facts About Me

Created by bumblebeebrit and taken 780 times on Bzoink
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When I was younger, I wanted to be a
My first pet was
I once dated
Last night, I
For my next birthday, I would like to
I would hate it if
It makes me sick when
I can't help but laugh out loud when
I love the book
My best friend told me
The furthest I've ever travelled to
I think President Obama
My car
I've always wanted to have a pet
My favorite Dippin' Dots flavor is
I have a scar from
My birthmark is
My name means
My father worked at
My heroes are
I cannot go a day without watching
I crave
When I go to Taco Bell, I always order
I hate when people
My favorite Christmas present ever is
I once fell
I want to get married
People say I look like
My celebrity crush is
I cannot bend
My toothbrush
I want to work for
I'd like to drink
My favorite thing about summer is
I think that Paris Hilton is
The room I'm in
In high school, I
My mom tells me that when I was born I
My future spouse has to
I've lost
The last time I went to see a movie
I only like to dance when
The last picture with me in it
I put on my shoes
The perfume I prefer is
I've never ridden
The last thing I read on a cereal box was
The only kind of milk I like is
Bad drivers make me
I am only nice to