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Author: bumblebeebrit
Created: January 22, 2009
Taken: 85 times
Rated: PG

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Completely new, random and interesting questions

Created by bumblebeebrit and taken 85 times on Bzoink
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Which state do you consider to be the most boring state?
Did you ever own a Koosh ball?
If any chef from the Food Network could cater your wedding, who would it be
Do you remember Krum from Aaahhh! Real Monsters?
What's the last thing you ate that was red?
Do you remember the first time you ever went into the ocean?
Have you ever stolen from your parents?
If you owned a dalmation, what would you name him/her?
What Asian country would you like to visit the most? Why?
Have you ever thought that a passer by was the one?
Ever told someone that your fake jewelery was really real?
Did you ever watch The Adventures of Alex Mack?
Who has the worst public restrooms?
What did you use gel pens for?
On what pages of the yearbook are you on?
Name a car that's made in the US.
What is Botox made from?
What country music star should be honored in the Hall of Fame?
Would you eat cat food for $500?
Who is the last person you smelled?
Do you like going to the dentist?
Have you ever smelled a dairy farm?
Name a song that got overplayed really fast.
Have you ever had an ultrasound?
Do you shop at Payless?
What Friends character are you most like?
When's the last time you had a popsicle?