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Author: adamtheretard
Created: January 21, 2009
Taken: 7 times
Rated: G

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holy guacamole

Created by adamtheretard and taken 7 times on Bzoink
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ok this will start easy like
first of whats the date just tell us
ok good very good yes yes indeed do you like popcorn
do you like popcorn from the movies that put to much butter in the popcorn
oh ok what do you think the stars
whose your favorite super hero
now make up a side kick for that super hero
now whose hes/her arch enemy
ok on to more pressing matters
what would you do if a massive hippo was blocking the road
how about a cave troll
would you go after cheese if you were a mouse
do think that guacamole looks like green vomit
now then if you could would you enslave the nations to do your bidding
what do you think of peple that cry all the time
are you going to make a movie
if so what kind og movie if your not going to why not
would you put in some really really big popcorn buildings in it
do think when you tyoe that its really loud
can you type
can you "type" well
what are you afraid of
are you going to put that fear in to what ever movie your making
do you think world peace is possible
what do think of 4 year old firing weapons
whom would you rather see some hobo or a rich dude
do you play with cheese
i do i throw it at people do you think that sounds like fun
whats your favorite kind of pizzia
what do you do in your spare time
do/did you ever have teachers that said you should volunteer more
do you hate emo's
wich would you rather hang out with for a day emo annoying rich person
do have any dogs
how about cats
should i ever make another survey
why not
do you hate me
gladiators wanna be one
are you tired
are you a cannibal
cause im pretty sure it not allowed in the USAofA RIGHT
its know 12:30 AM for me what time is it for you
im going to go to sleep finish this tomorrow what do think about that
ever been in a fist fight
what would you do if this was really really long
movie quotes all will be from a movie you have probable seen
lets get started "i am your father"
"i'll be back"
" well i feel sheepish alright you baaaaad boy but no more freebies"
"my way not very sportsman like "
know we are going to get really tough
" i could help you but i'd rather stand here and record"
I'm the one that's rotting, but your face looks graver than mine.
Forget the fat lady. You're obsessed with fat lady. Just get us out of her
Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into min
well that enough of that nect we shall have you tell a story
so where dose it start
whose the main character
what kind of food dose (s)he like
what dose your person do
how dose it end
now you friend is dead how do you feel
whats your favorite drink
is it good
do you like prednisone
do you like cold weather
how about zephyrhills
do you live in new york
can you spell
should i make another quiz