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Author: a7xbabii
Created: January 17, 2009
Taken: 229 times
Rated: G

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Another..random survey. :D

Created by a7xbabii and taken 229 times on Bzoink
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Would you like to play a game? >:}
Do you like The Simpsons or Family Guy better?
Do you like to take surveys that are absolutely random?
Do you have any broken figurines in your room?
Do you wear bows on your head to be cute on holidays?
Have you ever seen the Oscar Meyer van in real life?
What would you do if you got proposed to by your celebrity crush?
Do you like Jansport backpacks?
Is there anything patriotic in your room?
Have you ever rolled down a steep, grassy hill for fun?
Have you ever saw a fake deer in one's yard and thought it was real?
Do you like to graph things?
When you were younger, would you cry when you got your pic with Santa?
Do you know anyone who works at Home Depot?
Does it bug you when people stop in the middle of a hallway to chat?
Are you holding anything in your hand right now?
In elementary, were you ever voted "Student of the Month"?
When you were younger, did you think Aaron Carter was a hottie?
Who last said "I told you so" to you?
Do you own any flowered leis?
Have you ever baby sat?
What is the last sad song you heard?
What color is your hairbrush/comb?
Do you like to toast you poptarts, or eat them the way they are?
When was the last time you sighed, and why did you do it?
Do you have a strong sweet tooth?
In class, do you always find yourself looking at the clock?
When you get a box of chocolates, how do you figure out what the center is?
Have you ever gone climbing into the woods, just for fun?
Did you think Romeo and Juliet was sad?
Do you get called to the counselor's office often?
Have you ever gone out into public, and noticed you forgot deodorant?
What is the last movie inspirational movie you saw?
When playing Mortal Combat, who do you pick?
Do you ever remember playing a game for the first Playstation called Gex?
If someone is rude to you, do you let it go, or seek revenge?
Do bloody movies make you sick to the stomach?
Do you know anyone who walks with a cane?
Who was the last person to shake your hand?
Have you ever toured an old battleship?
Do you hate waking up because it is so cold?
Do you write on your walls in your room?
What is the last ad you saw?
Do you like to draw very detailed drawings, or just stick figures?
What would you do if you heard tapping on your window, and no one there?
When you were little, did you like to get the stickers from Walmart?
What flavor Slurpee is your absolute favorite?
If you love someone, do you write his or her name in your school books?
Have you ever owned a turtle-shaped sand box?
Do you know how to tie different types of knots?
Do you think Morgan freeman is a good actor?
Have you ever had a dream that really did come true?
Do you like the show "Robot Chicken"?
Have you ever encountered a tornado?
Are you afraid of long words?
Are you related to a pair of twins?
What do you currently taste?
What is your favorite flavor of poprocks?
Do you own a shirt that says "Vote for Pedro"?
Who do you think can dance really good?
Do you own any toe socks?
Describe the perfect romantic night.
Did you enjoy this survey?
Thank you for your time. [: