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About This Survey

Author: elfalienvampire
Created: January 16, 2009
Taken: 128 times
Rated: G

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A music survey. Shuffle optional.

Created by elfalienvampire and taken 128 times on Bzoink
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You can answer these with songs on shuffle or just pick a song that works.
A song you could OWN on Rock Band:
A song that kind of gets on your nerves:
A song you've liked since you were a kid:
A song that brings back GOOD memories from a previous relationship:
A song that's kind of creepy:
A song you can sing from memory:
A song you first heard in middle school:
A song that always makes you feel good:
Your best friend's theme song:
A song that brings back BAD memories of a previous relationship:
A song that has more instrumentals than vocals:
A song you listen to when you're depressed:
A current hit song that you actually like:
The first song you heard of one of your favorite bands:
A song you sang or played in a choir, ensemble or band:
A theme song for your best friend of the opposite sex:
Your current musical addiction:
A song that reminds you of your favorite book:
A song you've heard a teacher sing:
A song about drugs:
A song you still can't figure out the words to:
A song you heard on the radio once and fell in love with:
Your favorite ringtone:
A song you listened to a lot in freshman year:
A song with a killer solo of an instrument other than guitar or drums:
Now answer with a line from the song: not necessarily a first line.
Describe your physical appearance.
Your advice to the opposite sex:
How did your last relationship end?
Are you ever hypocritical?
What do you WISH the weather was like?
Something you would say on the weekend:
How do you feel about life?
What do you say to get people's attention?
Okay, back to titles...
Describe your best friend.
What do you want to do?
Something your dog might do:
Why are boys so weird?
The name of the local bar:
Something that costs a lot nowadays:
What would you do if you got home and the door was locked?
You wish this was your name:
Something the cashier at a grocery store might say:
Something that happens at school:
Where do you find inspiration?
A song title you find hilarious:
This would look cool hanging on your wall:
Something you would write on a protest sign:
How you turn down a potential date you're not interested in:
Describe your sense of humor:
This song title might come up in a science class:
What are the chances you'll have a date next Friday night?
Where do you live?