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Author: poofoosdragon
Created: January 10, 2009
Taken: 9 times
Rated: G

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shhh go sleepy

Created by poofoosdragon and taken 9 times on Bzoink
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tired, tired, tired
at the end of the day
before going to bed
do you have a snack?
brush your teeth?
what are your favorite pajamas
describe your room
what color are the wals
what kind of blanket/sheets do you have
do you have bunk beds?
how bout a pullout underneath your own bed
do you have a sleeping bag for a guest or campouts?
do you enjoy lullabies?
what about bed time stories
do you read goodnight stories to your pets?
do you have lots of stuffed animals?
how many pillows do you have
how many do you need to fall asleep
do you have a special pillow or blanket to fall asleep?
what about a particular teddybare?
even till your 5,987 years old?
i do
do you have extra pillows and blankes shuved under your bed and other place
do you like music boxes/snowglobes or animals that play music?
do you have a night light?
if so, discribe it
have you ever been afraid of the dark?
do you like to tell scary stories?
are the people in your house light sleepers?
do pets sleep in your room?
do you watch tv before falling asleep?
listen to the radio?
what kind of music makes you more tired faster
do you go to bed wishing that tommorrow will be a better day?
do you write in a journal at the end of the day?
take last minute survays?
do you prefer, stormy, clear, cloudy, starynights or ones with a full moon
do you look for the cow jumping over the moon?
dont forget to say your prayers
i'm turning off the light now...
heres a glow stick incase you have to go to the bathroom or something durin
ok goodnight
i love you
dor closes here