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Author: nothingbutjoy
Created: January 5, 2009
Taken: 147 times
Rated: G

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can we bring yesterday back around?

Created by nothingbutjoy and taken 147 times on Bzoink
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So, let's hear that beautiful name of yours!
What friend would you switch places with for a day?
Tell me, what do you like most about yourself?
Is there someone that has really influenced your life? Who?
Do you listen to music while you fill these out?
Come on, everyone loves cartoons! What's your favorite one?
What is the most common misconception with you?
Is there a color that you can't STAND to wear? What is it?
Out of the seven deadly sins, which do you feel is the worst?
Have you been guilty of that sin a lot?
Is Nickelodeon getting more perverted, or is it just me?
Describe your best friend:
Congrats, you're getting a new car! What color do you choose?
Don't you just hate it when you just sharpened your pencil and it breaks?
Speaking of pencils, what's your fav. subject in school?
Or do you even like school?
Be honest: do you illegally download music?
What's the worst crime someone can commit?
You're on death row. What would you choose to have for your last meal?
Are you one of those rare people that like to read?
You're in the Witness Protection Program! Choose a new name!
What is the big commotion over sporks? I mean really..
Why is your favorite season YOUR favorite?
Do you ever rock out to those 90s songs?
You're painting your room. What color do you choose?
Is that color your favorite color?
Do you curse? Be honest!
Do you like wearing turtlenecks or do they coke you?
A month in Cali or New York. Which do you pick?
Do you let loose easily or does it take alcohol?
You get to take free lessons of whatever you want! What do you choose?
If you concentrate on something for too long, does anything hurt?
Tell me about your favorite movie.