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Author: jdkitten
Created: January 3, 2009
Taken: 70 times
Rated: G

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Off the top of my head

Created by jdkitten and taken 70 times on Bzoink
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What is your Name?
How old are you?
What is your favorite color?
How many friends do you have?
Why are you filling out this survey?
What is your favorite website?
What kind of music do you like?
Who is your favorite Actor?
Who is your favorite Actress?
What is your favorite Band?
How many Pets do you have?
What are their names?
Do you know what a Papillon is?
Have you ever failed a grade in school?
Do you have a job?
Do you like Wet Willies?
Do you own an iPod or other mp3 device?
How do you feel about Abortions?
Are you for or against Gay Marriage?
What are you afraid of?
What do you like to do on the weekends?
Can you swim?
Have you been in an airplane?
Have you been on a train?
What is your favorite movie?
What is your second favorite movie?
Are you a twilight fan?
Have you seen the movie Marley and Me?
Who do you like better: Jessica Simpson or Ashlee Simpson?