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Author: xmilkncookiesx85
Created: January 2, 2009
Taken: 47 times
Rated: G

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uhm....that's cool.

Created by xmilkncookiesx85 and taken 47 times on Bzoink
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Some lyrics from the song you're listening to at the moment:
Have you ever tried to use a screamo voice?
How'd that go down?
When you get a new video game, arer you determined to beat it the first day
Would you say you're musically inclined?
When was the last time you rode in a wittle wed wagon? who pulled it?
As a kid, did you make your money by having "lemonade stands"?
How do you feel about your 'paperboy' (if you have one)?
Would you eat a spider if it meant meeting your favorite celeb?
Who's your favorite character from the outsiders?
Are you ever tempted to shout "your lip gloss is so not glossy anymore"?
Your best friend, what would your life be like without them?
Who's your favorite Beatle?
Are you one of those people who only listen to rap?
When was the last time you cranked the car stereo and rocked out?
Do you like vitamin water, or do you think its overrated?
What's so great about twilight anyways?
What is the coolest gift you recieved for you birthday?
Do you like the original mario kart?
Do you feel awkward singing in front of people?
On a scale of 1-10 how well can you play the guitar?
How do you feel about Lil' Wayne? and his favorite word?
Most overplayed song on the radio:
Does the radio really kill great songs?
Do you own a polaroid camera?
If so, do you actually use it?
Do you know all the words to the theme to Fresh Prince of Bel Air?
Have you ever tried anything they did on Mythbusters?
Name three of your fears:
Have you ever put diet coke and mentos in your mouth? Wasn't it great?
Do you have to pee?
What level do you play on Halo?
Who's your favorite mario bros character?
Have you ever taken a picture like your peeing on a fire hydrant?
Penguins: thumbs up/thumbs down?
What do you put in your fruit salad?
Is there an emotion you're trying to avoid at the moment?
Something you should tell somebody?
Do you support homosexual relationships?
Do you have any gay friends?
Have you ever talked to myspace tom? What was the conversation about?
Are you wearing socks? If so, what color?
Blueraspberry lemonade or black cherry kool aid?
Are you happy about the elections outcome?
What happens now that this is over?