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Author: lobster-in-a-toga
Created: December 31, 2008
Taken: 361 times
Rated: G

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A Massive Horse and Riding Survey

Created by lobster-in-a-toga and taken 361 times on Bzoink
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First, let's learn the basics.
What's your name?
How old are you?
When is your birthday?
Tell me a little bit about your riding history, too.
How many years have you been riding?
What disciplines have you experimented in?
What disciplines do you currently do?
Let's talk about your horse (or your favorite school horse).
What's her name?
How old is she?
What color is she?
What breed is she?
Is she registered?
What disciplines can she do?
How long have you worked with her?
Do you own, lease, or just ride her?
Does she have any vices?
Can she do any tricks?
Does she have any interesting quirks when you ride or handle her?
How calm/hot is your horse, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being hottest.
What does she eat?
Does she get any supplements?
Does she live in a stall, on pasture, or both?
What's her personality like?
Does she like being brushed?
Does she pick up her feet well so you can pick them?
Is she headshy?
Is she easy to halter and bridle?
Is she easy to catch?
Does she stand well to be braided or banded (if you do it)?
Does she lie down and get dirty all the time?
Does she allow you to put her blanket on easily?
Does she even wear a blanket?
Do you clip her, and, if so, where?
Does she stand to be clipped?
Have you ever had to put a twitch on her?
Have you ever had to sedate her for anything?
Does she trailer well?
Does she get nervous going to new places?
Does she get nervous at shows?
Is she spooky?
Does she buck often under saddle?
Does she ever crowhop?
Does she rear?
If so, has she ever fallen?
Will she carry a bareback rider?
Will she allow two riders?
Will she allow you to do around-the-world and other things?
Can you ride her without a bridle?
What kind of bit do you use on her?
Will she allow you to do an emergency dismount, or does she halt?
Does she work well out in the open?
Has she ever worked in an indoor arena?
If so, how did she behave?
Does she spook at applause or loud music?
What does she spook at?
Does she stand for mounting and dismounting?
Do you carry a crop or whip when riding her?
Do you longe her? How often?
Do you use a longe whip when longeing her?
Do you wear spurs while riding her?
How does she react when someone falls off of her?
How does she react when someone falls off nearby?
Does she like to run?
Is she lazy?
Can she jump? If so, how high?
Do you take her on trail rides?
Will she cross water?
Is she curious?
Does she like to put her lips on things?
Does she ever bite?
Does she like to lick you?
Does she have a soft nose?
Are both of her eyes brown, or does she have a glass eye?
Does she pin her ears when you bring her food to her?
Does she drink a lot of water?
Does she have any interesting drinking/eating habits?
Does she stand in the crossties?
Does she tie?
Does she like being bathed?
If your horse is a gelding, is he good about having his sheath cleaned?
If your horse is a mare, is she good about having her teats cleaned?
Does your horse kick?
Does your horse crib?
Does your horse like to drink out of the hose when you bathe her?
Does she mind going out in snow or rain?
Is she scared when she's inside and the rain hits the roof?
Does she play in puddles?
Does she roll in the mud a lot?
Does she roll a lot in general?
Does she play a lot in the pasture?
Where is she in the herd hierarchy?
Are there any horses whom she really likes?
Are there any horses whom she really hates?
Does she have any non-horse or non-pony friends?
Does she like dogs?
Does she like cats?
Does she have strong hooves?
Does she wear shoes?
Do you give her sports drinks/electrolytes at shows or when it's hot?
Has she ever been in a halter class? If so, how did she do?
Does she know how to do showmanship?
If so, can she pivot really well?
If so, how easily does she square up?
What color is her halter?
What color is her lead?
Do you put boots on her when you're schooling?
Did you have any part in training her?
Do you know who trained her?
Has she ever won a sash for you to put around her neck?
What color is her blanket, if she wears one?
Do you have a special color that you like all of her things to be?
What color is her saddle blanket?
Does she have any white markings on her face?
Does she have any white markings on her body?
Does she have any white markings on her legs?
Is her tail long or short, thick or thin?
Does she have prominent withers?
Is she fat or thin?
Does she have any scars?
Does she have a brand?
Has she ever eaten anything odd?
Has she ever had a serious injury?
Who gives her shots to her?
Does she deworm easily?
Is she an escape artist?
Has she ever had to go to a special equine veterinary facility?
Does she have long ears?
Are her gaits comfortable?
Does she snap and snarl when you tighten the girth?
Is she ticklish or sensitive anywhere on her body?
Has she ever worn a costume/hat/anything else abnormal?
Does she do silly things to make you laugh?
Crap, I don't think I asked this earlier. What gender is your horse?
Oh, and sorry if your horse is a gelding.
I prefer using a gender (and using one consistently) in the questions.
Does your horse have any stall toys?
Is your horse tolerant?
Is your horse bombproof?
What's the farthest your horse has ever traveled?
Has your horse ever been to any major shows?
Have you ever done any gymkhana/gaming on your horse?
Is your horse a ham when it comes to having her picture taken?
Have you ever hand grazed your horse?
Has your horse ever rolled on a lead line?
Has your horse ever tried to roll/rolled while you were riding?
Do you leave music on in the barn for the horses to listen to?
Does your horse have a fan in her stall?
What kind of bedding do you use for your horse?
Does your horse keep a clean or messy stall?
Does your horse play with her water bucket and dump it on the floor?
Does your horse rip her clothing a lot?
Does your horse like kisses and hugs?
I guess it's time for some horsey have-you-evers.
Have you ever...walked?
...Walked without stirrups?
...Trotted without stirrups?
...Cantered without stirrups?
...Walked without reins?
...Trotted without reins?
...Cantered without reins?
...Walked without reins AND stirrups?
...Trotted without reins AND stirrups?
...Cantered without reins AND stirrups?
...Walked bareback?
...Trotted bareback?
...Cantered bareback?
...Jumped without reins?
...Jumped without stirrups?
...Jumped without reins AND stirrups?
...Jumped bareback?
...Worked an equitation/horsemanship pattern?
...Worked a showmanship pattern?
...Tried showmanship without using a lead or halter?
...Worked in just a halter?
...Worked a reining pattern?
...Worked a dressage test?
...Jumped a whole course?
...Worked a barrel/pole/keyhole pattern?
...Worked a pleasure class?
...Been in a show?
...Won a class?
...Won grand champion in a division?
...Won reserve champion in a division?
...Been disqualified from a class?
...Forgotten a pattern?
...Had a lesson on the longe line?
...Been on a horse who reared?
...Been on a horse who bucked?
...Done a turn on the hindquarters?
...Done lateral work?
...Jumped a combination?
...Crossed a stream?
...Gone into a deep body of water on horseback?
...Gone riding on the beach?
...Worked in an indoor arena?
...Longed a horse?
...Used a crop?
...Used spurs?
...Fallen off?
...Fallen off and hit a fence/standard/anything else?
...Fallen off into a puddle or some other water?
...Fallen off and landed on your feet?
...Fallen off at a show?
...Been on a horse who spooked?
...Crossed a bridge on horseback?
...Opened a gate on horseback?
...Trotted or cantered over cavaletti or ground poles?
...Done an around-the-world?
...Sat sidesaddle in a regular saddle?
...Trotted sidesaddle in a regular saddle?
...Cantered sidesaddle in a regular saddle?
...Worked in an actual sidesaddle?
...Gone foxhunting?
...Sat backwards on your horse?
...Stood up on your horse?
...Done a backflip off your horse?
...Jumped onto your horse?
...Mounted from the off side?
...Dismounted from the off side?
...Worked in jeans?
...Worked in breeches?
...Worn a helmet?
...Gone without a helmet?
...Backed a horse?
...Helped train a horse?
...Worked a young horse on long driving reins?
...Driven a horse?
...Let your horse drink out of a bottle?
...Sipped from the bottle after your horse did?
...Drank out of your horse's bucket?
...Sat in your horse's stall?
...Fallen asleep in your horse's stall?
...Laid down on your horse's back?
...Had a horse lift you up by sticking his head between your legs?
...Been rubbed on by a sweaty horse?
...Kissed your horse's nose?
...Clipped a horse?
...Spent the night in the barn?
...Tried tasting your horse's feed?
...Used your horse's comb on yourself?
...Given your horse a bath?
...Cleaned your horse's teats/sheath?
...Handled a stallion?
...Watched a horse being born?
...Handled a foal?
...Stayed up all night waiting for a pregnant mare to go into labor?
...Given an injection to your horse?
...Given an oral dewormer?
...Taken care of a wound?
...Walked a colicky horse?
...Had a horse choke?
...Had a sick horse?
...Been to a special equine veterinary clinic?
...Had a horse fall with you?
...Gone on a trail ride?
...Pulled a mane?
...Braided a mane?
...Banded a mane?
...Braided a tail?
...Gotten paid to do manes/tails at a big show?
...Gone out of the state/country for a show?
...Spent the night in the horse trailer?
...Spent the night in the barn?
...Used your horse's blanket/saddle pad as a pillow?
...Cut, baled, and stacked your own hay?
...Cleaned stalls?
...Cleaned a hoof?
...Prepared your horse's grain?
...Lifted feed bags?
...Been in a costume class?
...Been in a leadline class?
...Volunteered/worked at a therapeutic riding facility?
...Adopted a horse from a horse rescue?
...Retrained a horse?
...Made your own horse treats?
...Ridden along a road?
...Been in 4-H or Pony Club? If so, which one?
...Pushed your friends in a wheelbarrow?
...Jumped over jumps on foot?
...Sang while riding?
...Slogged through the muddy field to catch your horse?
...Had to catch a loose horse?
...Taken lots of pictures of your horse?
...Adjusted your girth/stirrups while mounted?
...Passed out ribbons at a horse show?
...Volunteered as ring steward at a horse show?
...Been a groom at a horse show?
...Gotten paid to work with horses?
...Made a poultice for a hoof?
...Wrapped a leg?
...Been kicked?
...Been bitten?
...Been to a multi-day show?
...Been seriously injured while riding or working with horses?
...Hand grazed and brushed your horse just for fun?
...Spent a very long time brushing and playing with your horse?
...Shared your food with your horse? If so, what?
...Blanketed a horse?
...Clipped a horse?
...Trimmed a horse's hooves?
...Sat in the pasture and watched your horse eat and play?
...Worked your horse at night?
...Worked your horse in the snow?
...Worked your horse in the rain?
...Won a trophy?
...Raced with your friends?
...Played follow-the-leader on horseback?
...Been snotted on?
...Been in a parade?
...Supported a horsey cause or protested/leafleted for a horsey issue?
...Gone on a horsey vacation?
...Cleaned tack?
...Gone to a riding clinic?
Let's just do some random horsey questions.
Do you always wear a helmet?
Do you wear gloves when you ride?
Do you ever ride in anything but boots?
Do you read about horses a lot?
What color is the barn that you ride at?
Do you have your own barn, or do you board/ride somewhere else?
Do you have a favorite horse book or movie?
Do you prefer carrots or apples?
Which one does your horse prefer?
Did you ever want to be an equine vet?
Have you ever seen a real horse skeleton?
Have you ever watched a horse undergoing surgery?
Have you ever had to have a horse euthanized?
How often do you fall off?
What's your favorite color of horse?
Did you ride the ponies at fairs and carnivals when you were little?
Did you ride the merry-go-round and pretend you were on a real horse?
Have you ever given a pony ride?
Are you any good at showmanship?
What's your favorite gait?
Can you post a trot?
Can you sit a trot?
What's your biggest equitation flaw?
What's one thing you'd change about your horse, if you could?
What kind of things are you working on right now?
When was the last time you rode?
How did that go?
When do you plan to ride next?
Do you hope to ride for the rest of your life?