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Author: shiny-italy
Created: December 30, 2008
Taken: 206 times
Rated: G

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This survey will make your bones stronger

Created by shiny-italy and taken 206 times on Bzoink
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Does it seem like times goes fast when you're sleeping well?
Have you ever accidentally ended up in another country?
What would you do if the earth was about to go into an ice age?
What's the nearest restaurant to you?
Is your Christmas tree still up?
Do you like the word 'glacial'?
Where is the 3rd person on your Myspace/Facebook from?
What's the coolest thing you've seen out the window of an airplane?
Do you keep hearing 'I Don't Care' by Apocalyptica on the radio?
Is it windy in the winter where you live?
Have you ever been in the mountains when the moon and stars were up?
Do people like your hair?
Have you ever held birdseed and a bird came and ate out of your hand
Do like like the way tropical water looks?
Do you know any songs with bad English?
Does your neighbor have any pets?
Do you hate when people type like this?: Hello . How are you ?
Have you ever dreamt your house was on fire?
What's the temperature in your town right now?
What's the record coldest/warmest temp for your town on this date?
Do you have a digital picture frame?
What's the closest mountain range to you?
Could you ever live in Alaska?
Do you think 2008 went by really fast?
Would you stay home from school/work just cause you want to take surveys?
Does it annoy you when people spell out numbers?
Are you sad this is ER's last season?
Has a bird ever flown into your house's windows?
What's your 3rd favorited video on Youtube?
On the main page on Youtube, what are the three reccomended videos?
Would you ever work in a bookstore?
Does it annoy you when people freak out about sports?
Or don't like a certain city just cause a sports team is from there?
What is your best friend's name backwards?
Are you looking forward to the 2010 Olympics?
Does your state/province/etc have any glaciers?
What's the biggest city where you live?
If you live in America, what will you do if we suffer total collapse?
Do you know anyone from Canada?
Has a cat ever licked you?
Have you ever swam in a mountain lake?
Do you like metal bands like Kamelot, Nightwish, Rammstein, etc?
What's your least favorite symbol on the keyboard?
Is eating out fun?