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Author: nad-rox
Created: December 29, 2008
Taken: 96 times
Rated: G

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Party Or Disaster [A Vacation W/ Ur Friends]

Created by nad-rox and taken 96 times on Bzoink
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5 Girls [friends]
5 guys [friends]
where would you guys be going?
how long will u stay there?
how many cars will u take?
who's cars will u take?
who will be driving?
on the way
who's in Car 1?
Whos in Car2?
[if car3] whos in there?
which car are u in?
what song are u listening to?
what song is everyone listening to?
what will u do first?
first Accidents :S
who is feeling homesick?
who went straight to the restroom?
wat did u do?
OMG, alot of ur freinds want to go home& are feeling sick! wats NEXT?
wants to go home?
wants to eat?
trew up on who?
get a call from?
is telling you somthing but ur not paying attention?
what is ur reaction?
hotel [oh no, u dont have a hotel]
what do u do?
who textes u?
who is still in the car?
who thinks that this vacation was a mistake?
who faints?
FINALLY [something Gudd!]
VAcation :]]
who is making out with who?
who is dancing?
who is having fun?
what are u doin?
who is in the kitchen?
who is prayin?
who is in the bathroom vomiting?
what is ur boyfriend doing?
who is ur best friend?
what is he/she doing?
who is outsdide playing wth the dog?
awesome Vacation!!! [woohhh]