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About This Survey

Author: kaerogirl1987
Created: December 27, 2008
Taken: 139 times
Rated: G

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About last night... (and tonight!)

Created by kaerogirl1987 and taken 139 times on Bzoink
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About Last Night...
Who were you with last night?
Where were you?
Did you get in any trouble last night?
What exactly did you do....?
Did you have any form of Alcohol or caffine?
What did you wear last night?
DId you spend the night at someone's house?
Who will you be with?
Where will you be?
Doing anything fun?
What's one thing you think will happen tonight?
Will crayons be invovled?
Are you spending the night at someone's house?
I'm out of questions =(
How about today?
Any plans for the day?
Who will you be with?
What are wearing?
What will you be doing?
Are you going out to eat?
Will you be with one of your best friends?
Will you meeting anyone new?