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Author: tanjaax3
Created: December 24, 2008
Taken: 79 times
Rated: G

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The best suvery you'll ever take.(:

Created by tanjaax3 and taken 79 times on Bzoink
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What's your name?
Do you like it?
Do you like Disney Channel?
What are you thoughs on puberty?
Do you like Guacamole dip?
Do you shop at Aeropostale?
Do you think Teens these days are overated?
I like food, how about you?
Babies are awesome, do you agree?
What's your favorite store?
Don't you just hate it when people label you?
Have you been out of the country?
Do you drink?
Victoria's Secret: Love it or hate it?
Favorite Sport?
Do you like the school your in? if you're in school that is.
Do you think cheerleaders are really all that?
How many songs are on your iPod, if you have one.
Plumbers butts are hott, right? (:
High school years: Amazing or not so amazing?
Do you know anyone that has a beer belly?
Is Lil' Wayne the
Spiderman or Batman?
Do you speak any other language, except for english?
Ay Bay Bay! do you like that song?
I think it's annoying, what about Ayo Technology?
Do you even know that song?
Do you know who Gabriel Antonio is?
What do you think of George Lopez?
What about his show?
I love that show(:
Do you like Techno?
Are Pottheads annoying or cool?
I love Kingspade, how about you?
I can't believe you don't like Guacamole dip.
I laugh at the not-so-best times, how baout you?
Are you Single or Taken? Or a swinger?
Did you know a fag is a bundle of twigs?
What do you think of Hannah Montana?
Do you know who Basshunter is?
Not many people know him, if you don't you should listen to his songs.(:
What's your favorite scent?
Axe Chocolate: Pointless or sexy?
If i just randomly started dancing, would that bother you?
How did you like my first Survey? Did i do good? (: