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Author: carrieluvssurveys
Created: December 24, 2008
Taken: 14 times
Rated: G

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Classic Nickelodeon Shows: Part 1

Created by carrieluvssurveys and taken 14 times on Bzoink
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Kenan and Kel:
Isn't it sad that Kel died?
Who was your favorite: Kenan or Kel?
What was your favorite quote:
Was this ever your favorite show?
What was your favorite episode?
Do you love Orange Soda?
Who are you more like Kenan or Kel?
Do you watch it on the N?
All That:
What was your favorite season?
Wasn't Josh Server [season 1] the funniest?
Did you think the Channel 6 1/2 News [season 1] was funny?
What was your all time favorite sketch?
Who was your favorite Special Guest?
Did you think Jamie Lynn Spears was funny?
Christina Kirkman...was she really the funniest kid in America?
Did you watch On Air Dare?
What was your favorite Dare?
Was Know your Stars funny to you?
Cousin Skeeter:
Do you really remember this show?
Do you think Skeeter was a spaz?
Have you ever wondered what Skeeters parents looked like?
What was your favorite episode?
Do you think Skeeter was cute? lol
I really don't remember too much...so you wanna move on to the next show?
Amanda Show:
Did you really think this show was funny?
Did you think Stranded was funny?
What was your favorite sketch?
Don't you think Drake and Josh were the true stars of the Show?
Giant Lobsters.....gotta love them right?
Didn't you start to get annoyed how Penelope would ALWAYS miss Amanda?
Invader Zim:
Where did that show go?
That show always left me clueless. What about you?
I do miss this show though...do you?
Did you watch this show?
Lets move on...shall we?
Life as a Teenage Robot:
X-J9...would you want a name like that?
Brad......wasn't he dreamy?lol
Wasn't his little brother annoying?
What was your favorite episode?
As told by Ginger:
Who was your favortie Character?
Do you like Coutney?
Who was meaner Courtney or Miranda?
You can still watch this, early in the mornings on Nick.
Hey Arnold:
Did you see the movie?
Where is Arnolds Parents?
Who was your favorite Character?
Abner.......some pet huh?
Now about you
My names Carrie, whats your name?
Did you like this survey?
Look For "Part 2" Coming Soon!!!