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Author: turbo-dexterity
Created: December 24, 2008
Taken: 954 times
Rated: PG

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Get to know me on a more personal level...

Created by turbo-dexterity and taken 954 times on Bzoink
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The boring basics!
Your name:
Your Age:
Your Gender:
Can we see your Birth date?:
Maritial Status:
School attending or graduated from:
Getting a little deeper...
If given the chance to take Mr. or Ms. Right anywhere in the world..Where?
Do you make gifts from the heart, or just buy them?
Do you do any form of art?
What about any form of martial art?
Interesting..Do you have a favourite anime? If not, Cartoon? What is it?
What is your favourite breed of Dog?
What is your preferred Make, and if you know it, Model of Vehicle?
Do you shower in the morning, afternoon, or evening?
..And how long does this take you?
Am I being too nosey? Hope not, it gets deeper...
Do you prefer satin or flannel sheets?
We are digging even deeper...
While you bathe, do you sing?
Listen to music while you bathe?
Will you tell me one of your most embaressing childhood dreams?
As a young child, what was your favourite thing in the world to do?
When you were young, did you ever steal anything?
If you did, where from/who from? If not, what stopped you?
What is the most revolting substance that you're sure would make you vomit?
Nice..Do you wear a belt with every pair of jeans you wear?
Would you kill someone if you knew there would be NO reprocussions to it?
Barack Obama; For or Against?
Do you have a political status or stand? If so, what party?
Even deeper...
Do you remember who your 'first' was?
Do you recall at what age you lost it? If not yet, how old do you want it?
What is your biggest dream that you have for today?
2012, the Mayan Calendar, what is your view on it?
Are you more of a giver or reciever?
Do you find oral sex disgusting, or exciting? If you're virgin, its cool!
As you bathe, do you ever fantasize about anyone?
Do you masturbate in the washroom?
Quite personal..Yes. Are you always there for your family?
How dependable of a friend are you?
Did you or do you do well in school?
Everyone has his or her own phsychosis...What is yours?
What is your weapon of choice..to murder with of course..
Do you love a soldier?
Is your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush a soldier?
Back to you..What is the weirdest thing you like to eat?
What do you think about Pit bull terriers?
If you were to suicide, how would you? Pills, gun, knife, car accident etc.
Out of everything, what is your most guilty pleasure?
Let's dig a little deeper! Honesty is golden here..
Be honest, do you have any racism issues?
What is your view on Abortion?
Are you a nymphomaniac? (One who is addicted to sex)
Have you ever wondered what the opposite sex's orgasm feels like?
If you could be the opposite sex for a day, would you play with yourself?
Have you ever hurt yourself to relieve emotional distress?
If you'd NEVER get sick, would you be a prostitute? Male or female.
What is one thing you told yourself you'd never do and did it anyway?
Have you ever bothered to take an IQ(intelligence quotient) test?
If you have, what were the results? If not, what is stopping you?
Will you share your most ridiculous irrational fear?
If you were to see a hungry child, would you give him or her food?
Is it money or love for you?
Have you ever had same-sex fantasies? Same sex ponderings?
What is your astrological sign?
Do you even believe in astrology?
Do you fear the idea of Tarot cards?
Do you love your family?
What happens to be your true, biggest fear?
Do you have snowball fights? If not, did you when you were younger?
Do you ever take time out to stop and smell the flowers?
Do you enjoy the simple or extravagant things in life?
Would you steal food for a starving person?
What about for a starving animal?
Do you have faith that out Economy will stabilize?
What was one of the saddest times in your life?
Did it break your heart? (non-dating heart-break I mean.)
When you see an animal being heartlessly tortured, what is your reaction?
Well, let's be a little random...Basics level two!
What are some of your favourite musicians? (orchastra music) if none :).
What about some favourite bands?
Some favourite vocolists?
Can you give me a few of your favourite music genres?
The imfamous question, what is your favourite colour?
Do you like the flavour of some wines?
Do you use a towel when you're done showering?
What is the most exotic colour you would put in your hair?
Do you run from challenges or face them?
Do you use people?
Do you cheat on your partner?
Have you ever done a prank call?
Gay, straight, Lesbian or both?
To you, what does the word 'love' mean?
Do you have insomnia issues?
Who was the last person you hugged?
What was his or her signifigance to you?
How many people do you fully trust?
Are you afraid to fall to hard, and have no one there to catch you?
Do you have self-worth?
Do you do online roll playing? Yes, cyber-sex DOES count.. ;)
Have you ever done cyber-sex?
What is the most technilogically advanced device that you own?
How many of your friends can you truly rely on, and know you can?
Are you too shy to fart when there are people around?
Do you use the restroom at other people's houses comfortably?
While in a different restroom, do you snoop through people's belongings?
Do you think that Hot Topic is a little over-rated?
Do you think any actors or actresses are sexy? If so, who?
Do tell me about your best friend!:
Have you ever felt a paranormal pressence?
What is your favourite piece of jewlry? If you own any...
Does any where on your body hurt?
How many words per minute can you type?
What is your dream career?
What type of schooling does this career take?
Do you view porn on your computer?
Have you ever liked someone that was too young for you?
Have you ever had an internet relationship with someon?
Do you have to take a nightime sleep aid?
What is the worst sickness you have ever come down with?
Are you afraid of parasites?
Do you get tired of rumors?
What type of vehicle do you want? Truck, Sedan, mini, SUV etc..
Do you lead people on?
What television programs do you watch, if any?
What relaxes you the most?
What do you usually do before going to sleep at night?
What brand of cell phone do you have?
Who is your cell phone provider?
What was your first job? That is, if you have had it yet.
How strong are your ethics while in the work place?
Are you a wanna-be?
Who do you idolize?
I am damn tired, so I'm ending this here! Goodnight!