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Author: suhrah13
Created: December 21, 2008
Taken: 274 times
Rated: PG

Twilight Survey! :D watch out if you havent read all books or seen the movie there are spoilers.

Created by suhrah13 and taken 274 times on Bzoink
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okay tell us how you feel about them!! :D
Jasper!(love him)
okay thats all for that. noww lets ask some book questions!
have you read Twilight?(most likely..)
have you read New Moon?
have you read Eclipse?
have you read Breaking Dawn?
is Midnight Sun even going to come out? haha.
okay skip this if youve only read some of the books and not all.
Twilight or New Moon?
Twilight or Eclipse?
Twilight or Breaking Dawn?
New Moon or Eclipse?
New Moon or Breaking Dawn?
Eclipse or Breaking Dawn?
kay now...more book questions. srry if u havent read them!
but you really should.
so, do you think Twilight was the best book?
or was it the worst?
Do you think that Jacob should have been in it more or no?
Do you think that James should have died or gone on into the next book?
Do you think that Edward should have turned Bella into a vampire?
did you think that this was the best book?
or the worst?
did you find the first half incredibly boring?
because all Bella did was moan and groan about Edward?
srry.i feel kinda strongly about it. haha.
After this did u turn into Team Jacob?
or are u a Team Edward?
Should Laurent have died?
ECLIPSE! :D(i cant really remember this one so srry.)
Was this the best book?
or the worst?
Should Victoria have died?
Are the Volturi cool or annoying?
what do you think of Jane?
Should Edward have turned Bella by now?!
BREAKING DAWN!:D (it took me like, two months to read it ha!)
was this the best book?
or the worst?
wasnt Bellas birth scene way too gory?lol.
was this book too long for you or just right?
do you find Renesmee cute or absolutley annoying?
Do you find it kind of wierd that Jacob imprinted on her?
did you like the ending or should there be another book?
Should the scene with the Volturi been more action-y?
okay, finally the movie.
*you*:gosh finally!ive been waiting forever!
*me*:sooorry! gosh. im just trying to make this exciting.
okay. so do you think the characters fit the part right?
tell who you think did.
tell who you think didnt.
was everyone waaay too pale for you?
oh, also did you LOVE it or did it suck?
how many times have you seen it?
ive seen it 3! and i might see it again on friday. haha. okay.
do you think Jacob was introduced too early in the movie?
Is Billy way too interfering?
Is Renee kinda smothering?
Were the Cullens introduced too early in the movie?
Was it kinda funny the way Edward couldnt stand Bella?
Is Mike really annoying to you?
Was Eric adorable or a little gay for you?
Are you an Edward freaky crazy fan girl?please say no.
Did Edward warm up to Bella too fast?
Was the car crushing seen right or wrong?
did you feel bad for the car driving guy when Charlie was mean to him?
is Carlisle hot, even for an older guy?haha.
did Jessica go on about her boobs a little too much?hahaha!
werent those pervy guys who ganged up on bella freaky?
what did u think of Edwards driving when he rescued her?
wasnt it cute tho wen he was like "YOU put YOUR seatbelt on!"haha.
did you find the "ill get her something to eat" scene awkward?ha.
was it a little frightening when he was like"i feel very PROTECTIVE of you"
did u get why Bella had a flashbak when she saw the dead body?
cuz i sure as hell didnt.message if you did get it.
what did you think of the part where she piggybacked Edward?lol.
Was he sparkly enuff?
what did you think when Edward called Bella "spidermonky"? *cracks up*
Do you think they show enuff of the rest of the Cullen fam in the movie?
did you notice Jasper only has about 3 parts in the movie where he talks?
did you start cracking up when Rosalie asked if Emmet was sure she was Ital
ian and hes like well her name is Bella! haha i did!
Did you LOVE the baseball scene?
It was so cool huh?!
What do you think of the three bad vamps?
is Laurent really cool haha?
do you find Victoria ugly or pretty?is she cool?
im like in love with him! i have a poster! be jealous! haha jk.
anyhoo. did you find the bella yelling at charlie scene heartbreaking?
did it scare you when Edward jumped out of nowhere onto the car?
oh btw i forgot to ask, what do you think of the kissing scene?
totally forgot about that.
okay anyways.is bella dumb or do you like her?
did you find James voice SEXY?u know i did.
wasnt it funny when she tried to pepperspray him!
did you feel kinda sorry for Bella during the last fight scene?
i mean, the girl cut her head, got her leg glassed, and got bit.
she had it pretty rough.but its her own damn fault.
did you think it sucked that james got killed?i did.
but wasnt it kinda cool when Alice snapped his neck?
didnt Bella stutter and blink waaay too much?
was the prom scene at the end cute?
or weird?
did you think Vicky looked better with her hair straight?
do you feel kinda srry for her?or no?
were you mad at Edward for chasing poor Jacob away?
can you wait for New Moon or no?
okay well thats pretty much all i can think of.
and i have to go wash the dishes. :p
*sigh* well. one last question.
didja like the survey?
eh eh?
oh wait thats two. whatever.
anyhoo i hope you liked it!
yahootie! :D
pssst! *whisper*isnt James so hot?