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Author: littlemiss-krista
Created: December 21, 2008
Taken: 893 times
Rated: PG

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This or that?

Created by littlemiss-krista and taken 893 times on Bzoink
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peanut butter or carmel?
love or money?
christmas or halloween?
dogs or cats?
Demi lovato or miley cyrus?
cars or airplanes?
scary movie or funny?
gatorade or red bull?
tv or computer?
ps2 or ps3?
ATV or dirtbike?
pepsi or coke?
diet or regular?
MTV or MTV2?
my chemical romance or fall out boy?
boxers or breifs?
vinalla or chocolate?
jolly ranchers or now and laters?
black or white?
chris brown or rihanna?
Rock or Rap?
Gold or Silver?
Short Kiss or Long Hug?
Phone or Computer?
long hair or short?
stars or moons?
fridge magnets or stickers?
call or text?
coffee or soda?
pants or skirts?
hot or cold weather?
monopoly or life?
board games or video games?
beer or wine?
paris hilton or britney spears?
skinny or fat?
sex befor or after marraige?
one night stands or together forever?
pool or lake ?
salt or pepper?
blonde or red head =) ?
ring or necklace?
sun or rain?
walk or run?
geek or prep?
sweet or sour?
naughty or nice?
santa or cupid?
fun or exciting?
bear or lion?
model or actress?
school or work?
happinesss or trust?
ipod or phone?
couch or chair?
aim or msn?
top or bottom?? ( i meen bunk..!! ) =O
shower or bath?
claires or debs?
walmart or the mall?
private or public school?
lamp or candle?
getting or giving flowers?
candy bars or gum?
action or comedy?
singer or actress?
pop or tea?
apple or bananas?
gum or mints?
candles or air freshener?
tv or movies?
dark or white chocolate?
steak or chicken?
hamburger or cheeseburger?
homemade or store bought cooikies?
toe or nail polish?
=) or [:
french toast or pancakes?
sausage or bacon?
books or movies?
punk or prep?
boring or wild?
skinny dipping or bathing suit?
strawberries or blueberries?
ham or turkey?
rap or country?
california or hawaii?
single or taken?
hot or cold?
Abercrombie or American Eagle?
Hollister or Pac Sun?
big or small house?
cartoons or disney channel?
high heels or tennis?
cheerleading or football?
basketball or football?
1 or 2 ?
france or italy?
spanish or english?
Jonas Brothers or Metro Station?
summer or winter?
taylor swift or carrie underwood?
lipgloss or lipstick?
curly or straight hair?
Gossip Girl or The Hills?