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Author: -egocentricity-
Created: December 20, 2008
Taken: 70 times
Rated: PG

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-Lachrymose Regrets Obstruct Your Path-

Created by -egocentricity- and taken 70 times on Bzoink
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:: When Was The Last Time You ::
-Went out to eat?
-Went out of state?
-Slept in past 12:00pm?
-Stayed up for a full night?
-Played a video game?
-Drank a cup of hot coffee?
-Felt left out or neglected?
-Hurt yourself, either purposely or accidentally?
-Felt uncomfortable?
-Were cold?
-Were intoxicated?
-Were intoxicated on a substance other than alcohol?
-Told the truth about something?
-Felt afraid for your life?
-Watched the news?
-Baked something?
-Felt creative?
-Wrote someone a hand-written letter?
-Rejected someone?
-Felt truly happy with where your life was/is going?
-Took a shower or bath?
-Brushed your hair?
-Called or texted someone?
-Were called something insulting?
-Gave a friend a ride in your car?
-Talked to a stranger?
-Talked to a parent?
-Reconnected with someone you hadn't seen in a long while?
-Felt too sick to move?
-Felt completely exhausted?
-Were annoyed with someone else?
-Received a compliment?
-Visited a relative?
-Went to an arcade?
-Went to the mall?
-Saw your pets?
-Ate something?
-Drank something?
-Were involved in drama?
-Watched television?
-Got offline?
-Bought new clothing?
-Took any sort of medication?
-Felt excited for something?
-Flew in a plane?
-Drank hot chocolate?
-Cooked a meal?
-Microwaved something?
-Played in the snow?
-Climbed a tree?
-Received a letter in the mail?
-Had numb fingers from the cold?
-Received a paper cut?
-Failed an assignment for school?
-Volunteered or donated something to charity?
-Clipped your finger nails?
-Dyed your hair [if you do]?
-Got a tattoo or piercing [if you have any]?
-Took a good look at yourself in the mirror?
-Overcame a bad habit?
-Started a bad habit?
-Told someone that you love/loved him or her?
-Borrowed something from someone else?
-Used a calculator?
-Made an entry in a diary/journal?
-Shared a secret with someone?
-Kicked someone out of your life?
-Felt truly loved by another person?
-Finished a book?
-Reached a goal you set for yourself?
-Ate until you were about to burst?
-Stayed overnight at someone else's house?
-Told a joke/Heard a joke?
-Looked up an actor or actress online?
-Listened to music?
-Went to a concert?
-Went to a sports event?
-Went to a party or gathering?
-Watched a movie at the theaters?
-Had stomach cramps?
-Cleaned your room?
-Regretted saying or doing something?
-Killed a bug?
-Saw your best friend?
-Saw your boyfriend or girlfriend?
-Saw the person you have a crush on?
-Talked to someone on an instant messenger program?
-Wanted something you couldn't have?
-Saw snow?
-Stubbed your toe?
-Went to the doctor?
-Felt beautiful/handsome?