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Author: mavis76
Created: December 16, 2008
Taken: 29 times
Rated: PG

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survey of a wandering mind

Created by mavis76 and taken 29 times on Bzoink
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day-dreamer ponderings
Would you like to learn to fly a jet?
What would you do if you were in the apt bldg on the movie Quarantine?
What is one thing you would do if you'd never be caught and nobody'd know?
who is the best kisser you've had the pleasure of kissing?
why was the worst kiss you had the worst kiss you had?
if you found an alien do you think it would be safe or dangerous/good-bad?
when I said "alien" describe what image you saw. . .don't hold back!
what would be a benefit if you was born of the opposite sex?
do you wish you was the opposite sex?
who has it better-men or women?
why do ya think it?
do you like onions?
have you ever been bitten.. i mean REALLY bitten during making lv or sex?
did you or would you like it?
And they just keep on a'coming.. :) welcome to my world
what is the least worse thing to regurgitate? (have to pick smthing)
what is the least worse thing to regurgitate? (have to pick smthing)
do you think the President will be assassinated?
how do you fix a sore throat? do have your own special remedy?
Do you read Twilight series?
Who do you fancy more- Edward or Jacob (or a diff character)?
Why is that?
Would you rather be Rosalie, Bella, Alice or another character?
Why did you choose that?
How many times did you watch the movie?
Was the theater packed?
Favorite part of the movie?
Favorite part of the book(s)?
Of all vampire-role actors... of all movies and shows.. who was your fav?
what IS your fav vampire movie?
did you know jacob was going to be a werewolf right from the start?
more .. but not about Twilight..
have you ever eaten cat food?
have you ever tried a dog biscuit?
do you know what a quagga is?
what major animal will go extinct next?
does it annoy you when technology takes our manual jobs?
when our galaxy eventually collides with the other which will survive?
can you find orion's belt in the sky?
can you find casseopia?
do you have a favorite constellation or set of stars?
what is one of your most sentimental memories?
what is your fav piece of jewelry or object?
why? does it have sentimental value or a story? spill the beans!
what if someone THREW IT AWAY while you were out?
is there a piece of jewelry or an object you would like?
what is it?
who would you like give it to you?
and then ...
would you rather be a vampire or werewolf (you have to choose)..
do you believe in souls?
have you had an experience with a ghost?.. tell all
do you believe ppl can be possessed really?
what should we do with possessed ppl?
what would you do if all your loved ones were gone..
i am on a roll aren't i? my mind never stops..
if you are dying.. what would you do? you appear healthy..
do you feel like you are living.. or dying.. everyday
if you were dying and had to kill a stranger to live.. would you?
what annoys you in a person? im sure you had been b4..
are you sleepy?
Do you like Amanda Kristine?
do you think she cares? hehe
which part of this survey did you like best?
invent a word..
would you rate me please? at the top there are stars..
because im curious thatz why :D wish could see ur answrs
you itched your nose and have a booger on finger.. what do u do?
what if you were driving in the car?.. therez no tissue..
what do you do when u poop and the tp is gone?
was you a bratty teenager?
who is the hottest guy and chicka (celebs)?
who is the hottest not celebs.. that you just know?
do they know you think it?
do you do any volunteer work?
do you have active hobbies?
something about you not many ppl know?
ok i am tired now. have sweet dreamz and goodnight or goodmorning.. :D