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Author: kickrocks
Created: December 13, 2008
Taken: 12 times
Rated: PG

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High school as we know it !!

Created by kickrocks and taken 12 times on Bzoink
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What high school did you go to ?
What is your school mascot ?
Are you in any clubs ?
Do you play any sport's ?
Have you ever been to a school football game ?
What\'s the name of your school rivalry ?
Do you like prep rally\'s ?
Did you go to Homecoming ?
if so what color were you wearing ?
Who are the mean girls of your school ?
what is the name of your best friend ?
Do you ever ditch class?
if so where do you go ?
What do you do during luch time?
Do you buy your lunch or take your lunch ?
Do you ever stick your abc gum under a desk ?
Who is the cutest guy at your school ?
who is the cutest girl at your school ?
is there sombody you wish you could be friends with ?
Do you get invited to parties?
What's your favorite subject ?
least favorite subject ?
Does your school have a swimming pool ?
if so do you have to swim for gym class ?
How do you get too and from school ?
If you drive what kind of car do you own ?
What are you school colors ?