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Author: lightupmylife
Created: December 11, 2008
Taken: 271 times
Rated: G

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Did you ever? [ Funny , exciting and never before asked ]

Created by lightupmylife and taken 271 times on Bzoink
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Did you ever felt bored in a church?
do you talk to yourself pretending your someone else?
Did you ever copy your friends homework?
keep seeing someone whos disabled?
let a guy touch you?
Saw the Video in youtube about god walking on the streets?
can't keep your eyes off someone?
Made a child run away from you?
see things you shouldnt see like porn?
got lost in a mall and didnt care
Cam-whore alot in toliets ?
tore away a photograph belonging to someone?
took somebodys snack and place it at your own room?
too lazy to get a new underwear and use your old one?
scream when dropping something loud?
study half-way and fall asleep?
went into a store to look around and came out with nothing?
purposely dropped your books and let people pick them up for you
bullied someone? if so how?
helped someone from getting bullied? if so how?
donated blood?
hated MSN/AOL?
buy a shirt that never fits you at all?
whats your current desktop wallpaper?
pretended to be someone you're not online?
pretended to be someone you're not in real life?
ate alone at a restauraunt and not feel shy?
passed an exam and thought it was no big deal?
go on a holiday coming back with nothing?
got asked by your friends to go out but rejected them?
had a haircut where everyone hated/liked it? what is it?
thought youtube was another piece of junk?
thought google was better than yahoo?
played a game and failed to level and slowly got addicted?
detest something and then liked it ?
ate something you hated and puked it out ?
ate too much of something that you swore you'll never eat it again?
liked a colour and sticked to it till now?
have a bath for more than 30 mins?
internet connections is lost and you started to play with wordpad? or paint
maximised the sound of the television to 100?
watch DVD till late in the night?
own a wii/DS lite/nintendo/playstation and got bored of it?
how'd think of this survey? [my first time creating!]