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Author: cheerchar12
Created: December 10, 2008
Taken: 24 times
Rated: G

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Christmas, Snow, and Sweetie

Created by cheerchar12 and taken 24 times on Bzoink
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MmK s0...
what are you looking forward to this christmas
whats ur favorite part about christmas
are you expecting any family to come in
what are you gonna do this year for it
are you gonna see some one special
do you wish you could get something but know it wont happen
what did you ask for for christmas
dont you just love christmas
mee too:)
have you had any snow days yet
should you be expecting any
do you love snow and winter
have you ever kissed someone in the snow
has someone ever kissed you
who are you thinking of right now
did you ever make snow angels
has it ever snowed so much that you were shut in
are you dreaming of a white christmas
cHiLdH0oD MeMs 0f ChRiStMaS
did you used to steal candy canes off the tree
did you used to get stocking full of treats
what was ur favorite gift
do you give gifts for christmas or just get them
did you used to leave cookies for santa
did you stay up all night on christmas eve
did it seem like the night lasted forever that night
did you believe in santa
ThE 0nE b0y Y0u JuSt CaNt GeT 0vEr!..
who is he
does he know how you feel
do you wish for him for christmas
why are you running from this
will you ever confess his feeling to him
you should text him the lyrics to
is your whole myspace page about him
are you hoping he wont read this section of ur survey
are you a sucker for boys
a sucker for sweeties
good cuz this is what this section is about!
mmk, so, what is all you want for christmas??
yeah, i thought so:)
keep waiting under the mistletoe!!
K tHaNkS....ChA0óż