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Author: cobravenom
Created: December 8, 2008
Taken: 141 times
Rated: G

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Early Questions Over Monroeville.

Created by cobravenom and taken 141 times on Bzoink
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What is your favorite lyric in the song you are listening to?
Has anything seriously mad you mad today?
Yeah, what?
Do you take a daily vitamin?
Why did you last stand up?
What brand of chapstick do you use?
Is it cold in your house?
Stripes or polka dots?
Where you live, has it snowed yet?
Do you like the band Van Atta High?
Are you the type of person who says you like something just to be cool?
What is the title of the last story you wrote?
Paper clips or staples?
Speaking of staples, have you ever stapled your finger?
Is swearing really necessary?
Have you ever stuck your tongue to a frozen pole?
Do you miss the old My Chemical Romance?
Are you making Christmas cards this year?
Any plans for New Year's Eve?
How did you find out Santa wasn't real?
Does your keyboard have a PrtScn button?
If so, do you take screen shots often?
Do you have a Photobucket account?
Yeah? What's your username?
Which album has the most pictures in it?
Do you try to cheer people up if they are sad?
Is there an album that you can listen to without skipping over any songs?
Last time you had fast food?
Do you use Mozilla Firefox?
Cinnamon: Yes or no?
Is there a music video you want to see right now?
Speaking of videos, why did you last watch any video on YouTube?
What would your initials be if you married the person you are crushing on?
Do you like pineapple?
What year was your dad born in?
Have you seen The Dark Knight?
Do you have any beauty marks?
What does the 12th text message in your inbox say?
Lyrics to end this survey, aye? :]