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Author: sparklesszz
Created: December 3, 2008
Taken: 168 times
Rated: G

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Created by sparklesszz and taken 168 times on Bzoink
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Do you lyke white chocolate?
What color is your house?
Are your nails long?
Do you bite them?
Lyke the Nightmare B4 Christmas???
Skinny boiis, heavy boiis, or muscular boiis?
Pumkin pie or funnie cake?
Coffee or donuts??
Do you lyke facial piercings?
Ever believed in Santa Claus???
Rather have purple or pink hair?
Do you get goosebumbs alot??
Aren't tags so annoying!?!?
Are you deprived?
Go for your permit @ age 16? Or are you going to?
Are you going to finish this survey?
Do you lyke my surveyss???
What color is your cursor??
Aren't skulls awesome???
Own many black clothes?
Listen to Marilyn Manson?
Don't you wish you lived in the town of Halloween?
What about Neverland?
Do you have a secret land of your own?
Do you day.dream a lot??
Do you spiders make you scream?
Name a little something that makes you excited:
Do you have photoshop???
How often do you drink Lemonade?
Is hot chocolate just a drink for winter.tyme??
Do you even lyke eggnog??
Are books you have to read in school interesting?
Do you have heating or a woodstove?
Know who Marilyn Monroe is?
Do you have a facebook?
Word you use a whole lot::
Do you pick up talk from your close friends?
Ever went to the theatre and not watched the movie?
What makes christmas so special?
Why is it special to you??
Who do you usually buy gifts for??
Best gift you got for your b.day this year:
Know any famous internet people?
Do you lyke to expierment with eyeliner?
Ever seen someone swallow a bottle of water in one gulp?
Do you fight with your siblings a lot?
Do you fight with your friends a lot???
Do you go out with your friends even when you have no money?
Are you scared of the dark?
Do heights make you dizzy and/or sick?
What is your desktop picture?
Is christmas your favorite holiday?
Where is 'home' to you??
Where do you feel most safe in the world?
Who do you feel most safe with:
What's your favorite letter?
Any reason why?
Nickname of your first love:
Do you still somewhat love your 1st love?
Are there ex's that you hate?
What do you do to heal a sick throat?
What about a sick stomache?
Do you hate throwing up?
Do you blast your music?
Does loud music make you feel energized>?
Do you lyke to drown in adrenaline ^_^??
Favorite internet smilie:
Do you have smilie central?
Ever seen someone play a harp?
Aren't harp's amazinggg????
What object is most lykely to take over the world:
What's the best thing you've ever painted?
What did you do as a kid alot?
Ever play barbies or cars?
Till what age did you play???
Ever ate some.one before?[lol]
Tell me your nicknames:
Do you lyke movies that have lots of singing?
What about the ones with lots of laughs?
Ever send people e.cards?
How many of your friends live close to you?
Where do the rest live???
Do you makes friends over the internet?
Are you a computer freakk?? =D
Ever made a survey beforee???
Are your teeth sensative?
Ever sneezed on your computer screen???
How about spill something on your keyboard??
Or next to your computer? shame shame =PP
Would you rather take a long or short survey???
Do you forum alot online??
Do you blog at all??
Has your butt ever fallen asleep?
What kind of people interest you?
Are you anything lyke your friends?
Do you find friends copying you or you copying them?
How many pictures of yourself do you usually take?
Are you a forgettful one?
How do you put up with forgettful people?
Don't you hate liars, fakers, and posers???
Can you tell when someone is lying or faking??
Favorite perfume::
Do you have one of those cute little crowns?
Most funky pair of earings::
Do you lyke to write songs???