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Author: psychogirl09
Created: November 27, 2008
Taken: 572 times
Rated: PG

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Have you ever (kissed)

Created by psychogirl09 and taken 572 times on Bzoink
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of the same sex?
of the opposite sex?
in your room?
in their room?
younger then you?
older then you?
shorter then you?
taller then you?
with short hair?
with long hair?
with a lip ring?
who was high?
when you were high?
who was drunk?
when you were drunk?
early in the morning?
late at night?
who was dating someone else?
who was playing you?
who you didnt really want to kiss?
two people at the same time?
in a graveyard?
on a beach?
against a wall?
in the woods?
at a movie theater?
on a couch?
in a car?
in the rain?
in the snow?
in a bathroom?
at school?
on a roof?
in a library?
behind a building?
in class?
Are there any other weird places you'd like the world to know?