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Author: curiousxtina
Created: November 25, 2008
Taken: 274 times
Rated: R

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Who, What, Where, When, & Why

Created by curiousxtina and taken 274 times on Bzoink
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Is your favorite actor/actress?
Is the last missed call on your cell phone?
Was that first person to text you today?
Is your favorite relative on your mom's side?
Is your favorite relative on your dad's side?
Is your best friend?
Was the first person you fell in love with?
Is your name?
Time and date is it?
Is your favorite color?
Do you think of gay marriage?
Do you think about sex before marriage?
Is your religion?
Is your favorite scent?
Is the last place you went?
Is your significant other?
Are your parents?
Did you have your last birthday?
Did you get the shoes that you wore today?
Is your favorite place to be alone?
Did you get your shirt from?
Was the last time you showered?
Was the last time you made love to someone?
Will/Did you graduate?
Are you turning 21?
Did you last see your significant other?
Did you go to sleep last night?
Did you wake up
Did you take this survey?
Are you dating the person you're dating?
Do we have Deja Vu?
The End