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Author: elfalienvampire
Created: November 19, 2008
Taken: 113 times
Rated: G

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a survey i felt like making for no reason.

Created by elfalienvampire and taken 113 times on Bzoink
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Do you hate basics as much as I do?
I thought so... well, anyway, whatcha doin (besides this)?
Read any good books lately?
Should you be doing homework? I should.
Ever written a 10-page paper in 2 days?
It's not fun. Trust me.
Do you like punk rock?
I mean real punk rock like the Ramones and the Clash, not Simple Plan.
Do you eat popcorn often?
Which of your friends has the cutest laugh?
Do you drink alcohol?
Will you when you're 21?
Please don't drink and drive. Promise me, OK?
Are you addicted to solitaire?
Do you watch House?
Are you from the Midwest?
Do you want a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Popsicles: lick 'em or bite 'em?
What do you do on Sunday afternoons?
What's your favorite kind of hot drink? (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc.)
When you're hurt on the inside, it's easier to feel nothing at all.
Do you agree with the above statement?
Has that kind of thing happened to you?
Do you care about politics at all?
Would you ever have a pet turtle?
Is there snow on the ground where you live at this very moment?
Are you tired?
Do you have over 100 Myspace friends?
Would you describe yourself as "quirky?"
Do you like classic cars?
What do you think of Barack Obama?
Does rain make you sleepy?
Did you eat breakfast this morning?
Do you have any conditions with abbreviations (ADD, OCD, etc.)?
Are you on the computer too much?
Do you love caffeine?
Are you a risk-taker?
Are you currently wearing something with a hood?
Do you like the smell of gasoline?
Old books?
Are you currently confused about anything?
Do you have unusual tastes when it comes to the sex you prefer dating?
Do you like hot wings?
Why am I the only one who doesn't like hot wings?
And pierogies, am I the only one who doesn't like pierogies?
Are you worrying about anything?
What song are you listening to?
Do you believe in space aliens?
The Loch Ness Monster?
Do you think world peace will happen in your lifetime?
When is your next homework assignment due?
About how often do you eat ice cream?
Does it annoy you that I ask so many food questions?
Well, too bad :-P
Are you sick of this survey?
What are you gonna do now?
OK, have fun! Bye! :)