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Author: inlovewithlovee
Created: November 17, 2008
Taken: 228 times
Rated: G

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abc, its easy as 123!

Created by inlovewithlovee and taken 228 times on Bzoink
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When's the last time you took an Aspirin?
Do you like Applesauce?
Have you ever Accidentally sent an important text to the wrong person?
Do you shop at American Eagle?
Have you ever bought anything on Amazon.com?
Who's the author of the last Book you read?
Has an animal ever Bitten you?
Do you like Barack Obama?
What's the last thing you bought at Best Buy?
Who's the last person you called Baby?
What's the last Cartoon you watched?
Did you eat Cereal for breakfast this morning?
Do you have a Cat?
What Color is your shirt?
Is Christmas your favorite holiday?
Is your hair Dyed?
Do you Dance almost anytime you hear music?
Do you think porcelain Dolls are creepy?
Have you ever ridden a Dirtbike?
What's the last thing you Downloaded onto your computer?
Do you know anyone named Emma?
Have you ever Eaten duck?
Do you watch ESPN?
Are you wearing Earrings right now?
Have you ever heard of the band Every Avenue?
Do you like catching Fireflies on summer nights?
Have you ever been to France?
Do you like Facebook better than myspace?
Can you trust your Friends with everything?
Do you shop at Forever 21?
Do you hate the color Green?
How many cars does your Garage hold?
Do you think Gay marriages should be illegal?
Do you say oh my God alot?
Have you ever pet a Goat?
Does your last name have an H in it?
Are men with Hairy chest a turn off?
Do you like wearing Headbands?
Is your computer an HP?
When's the last time you had a Headache?
Do you like lots of Ice in your drinks?
Have you ever been to Iowa?
Do you like the name Isabelle?
Who did you last say I love you to?
Do you know what Isotopes are?
Isn't John the most unoriginal name ever?
What's your favorite fruit Juice?
What was your first real Job?
Have you ever heard the song Jamie All Over?
Do you like to shop at Jcpenny?
Have you ever flown a Kite?
Do you think Kangaroos are cute?
Does it annoy you when people say Kk?
Do you want to have 3 or more Kids?
Does your best friend's name begin with a K?
How do you know your truly in Love with someone?
What's your Least favorite subject in school?
Do you think Louis Vuitton is ridiculously overpriced?
Would you like to move to London?
How many Lights are on in the room you are in right now?
What did you give your Mom last mothers day?
Do you ever accept random friend request on Myspace?
Is the Moon out right now?
Have you drank a glass of Milk today?
Have you ever been on Myxer.com?
Is Nascar a redneck sport?
Do you like Nick @ Nite?
Do you like the candy Nerds?
Have you heard Nickelback's new song Something In Your Mouth?
Did you see the movie Nick & Norah's Ultimate Playlist?
When's the last time you went to the Ocean?
Do you like the band Oasis?
How long have you been Online?
Do you own any Orange shirts?
Does Oprah annoy you?
Do you give people the Puppy eyes to try to get out of trouble?
What color are your nails Painted?
Have you ever Parked in a spot reserved for the employee of the month?
Do you have a Photobucket account?
When's the last time you had Pizza?
Do you love reading Quotes about love?
Have you ever ordered anything from QVC?
What grade did you make on your last Quiz?
Have you ever eaten at Quiznos?
What's one thing that can always make you Queasy?
Have you ever gone swimming in a River?
Do you listen to the Radio often?
Doesn't Rachel Ray have such an annoying voice?
Are you Registered to vote?
Have you ever played Rock Band?
Do Snakes scare you?
At about what age do you become interested in the opposite Sex?
Are you good at building Sandcastles?
Do you like Snickerdoodles?
Is anything on your body Sore right now?
Do you like the name Taylor?
When's the last time you shopped at Target?
Do you have T-mobile?
What's the last thing you watched on TV?
Do you prefer hard or soft Tacos?
Do you use an Umbrella when it rains?
Do you think UPS men are sexy?
Have you ever looked up naughty stuff on Urban Dictionary?
Do you like the Used?
Do you have stuff stored Under your bed?
Did you have a Valentine this year?
Have you ever been to the Virgin Islands?
Do you have Verizon?
Are Vans better than Converse?
Do you own anything from Victoria's Secret?
How many glasses of Water have you drank today?
Do you like to Write?
What's the last thing you bought at Wal-mart?
Do you have a Webkinz?
Was the Weather nice today?
Have you ever had an X-ray?
Do you own an Xbox 360?
Do you have XM radio?
Does the letter X make you think of sex?
Do you have an Xanga account?
What's the last video you watched on Youtube?
Do you like Yung Berg?
Do you like looking at old Yearbooks?
Do you own any Yellow shoes?
Do you like doing Yoga?
How long has it been since you've gone to the Zoo?
What's the 2nd number in your Zip code?
Is Zac Efron cute?
Do you like Zebra print?
What's the last thing you put in a Zip Lock bag?
save your results; i love reading them <3

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