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Author: celsie483
Created: November 15, 2008
Taken: 32 times
Rated: PG

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Created by celsie483 and taken 32 times on Bzoink
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hair color?
fave color?
eye color?
fave style?
bestest friend?
fave country singer?
fave rapper?
fave bands?
best band out of those?
fave instrument?
fave song?
best song out of those?
worst singer/band?
worst song ever?
do you sing?
play an instrument?
got a band?
this or that
guitar hero or rockband?
black or white?
computer or tv?
french,german or spanish?
m&m's or skittles?
cell phone or ipod/mp3?
bath or shower?
rap or rock?
DC's or etnies?
video games or board games?
electric or acoustic?
demon or angel?
coke or pepsi?
sour patch kids or swedish fish?
winter,summer,spring or fall?
piercing or tattoo?
south park or family guy?
x-box 360 or ps3?
nintendo ds or psp?
chocolate or candy?
pencil or pen?
myspace or facebook
seventeen or cosmo girl?
disney or nickelodeon?
drake or josh?
gold or silver?
orange juice or lemonade?
read or write?
mints or gum?
draw or paint?
dog or cat?
inside or outside?
real or fake?
fire,earth,air or water?
light or dim?
speak or listen?
glue or tape?
random sh*t
don't katy perry and miley cyrus suck?
best classic band?
do like someone?
do you love someone?
pink or purple?
is elmo cool?
ever had a broken heart?
whats your fave cereal?
do you wear jewelry and makeup?
what do you hate most in this world?
what do you like the most?

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