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Author: rayyheartsparamore
Created: November 13, 2008
Taken: 162 times
Rated: G

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fact or fiction?

Created by rayyheartsparamore and taken 162 times on Bzoink
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your dream career involves fashion:
your favorite color is red:
you have never met your biological father:
your wearing white socks:
you hate perverted jokes:
you like feminists:
you rather live in a fairy tale world than face realities:
your favorite band is the killers:
you enjoy the show desperate housewives:
you weigh under 100 lbs:
you go to home depot a lot:
you already have summer plans:
you think your aunt has great style:
you want to write a fictional book:
you dream of city life:
you eat chex mix:
you are confused about most things:
you gossip:
your best friend is female:
you don't trust 99% of the people in your life:
you want to skydive:
you have participated in the sport of gymnastics:
your going christmas shopping this weekend:
you like my surveys:
you only use mechanical pencils:
you love the smell of lilacs:
the place you consider to be home is not where you live now:
you like cartoon bumble bees:
your favorite person is your brother:
you have been to a farm:
you have seen the nutcracker live:
you appreciate the idea of santa claus:
you visit this website more than one a week:
the thought of paris sounds amazing to you:
you do not believe that diamonds are a girls best friend:
the letter L makes you think of llamas:
you have dish network:
you like facebook over myspace:
you go to the mall more than once a month:
the last movie you saw in theators was transformers:
meryle streep scares you:
i can not spell her name correctly:
you go to people.com more than one a day:
you love the sitcom friends:
you do not miss your ex: