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Author: alaska
Created: November 10, 2008
Taken: 1,229 times
Rated: PG

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Have You Ever/How Bad Are You? ;)

Created by alaska and taken 1229 times on Bzoink
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Been in Love
Failed a Test
Snuck into a Moive
Hooked up at a Party
Hooked up in the Back Seat
Had a Drink
Been Drunk
Done Drugs
Serious Drugs
Passed Out
Snuck Out
Snuck People Over
Stolen Anything
Gotten Detention
Kissed Someone of the same sex
Kised Someone of the opposite sex
Made Out
2nd Base
3rd Base
Had sex
Been afraid you were pregnant
Hooked up in a Public Place
Hooked up with people around you (like friends)
Phone Sex
Text Sex
Cheated on Someone
Hooked up with Someone you Knew Wasn't Single
Taken Pictures of Yourself
Sent these Pictures
Help Spread Pictures
Start any rumor About Someone
Help Spread a Rumor
Told a Secret
Copied a Homework
Let someone Copy
Cheat on a test
Let Someone Cheat
Skipped a class
Skipped a Whole Day
Went over Your Texting/Minutes on your Cellphone
Played Spin The Bottle or Any hook up Game and gone through With It
Sworn at Your Parents
Killed any animal
Stole Money From Your Parents
Stole from A Friend
Lied to Impress Someone
Hooked Up with More than One person in One night
Dated/Hooked up with your Friend's ex
Your Ex, after you broke up and Didn't get back together
Read a Cosmo article and Took mental Notes
Been to Urbandictionary
Made Someone Cry
Beat Someone Up
Got in A fight phsically
Been called a slut/whore/ho
Called someone a slut/whore/ho
Do YOU think you're bad?