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Author: x3abby
Created: November 9, 2008
Taken: 195 times
Rated: PG

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A RANDOM survey. With actual *random* questions? That IS new!

Created by x3abby and taken 195 times on Bzoink
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I'm just going to be blunt with you: What color is your desk?
Give me the best insult you can?
What's the best swear word EVER?
Did you ever think you were a really good artist, but you sucked?
What are you doing with your left hand right now?
Besides bzoink, whats another program you have open?
Look at all of your fingers. Whats the ugliest one there?
What brand of ketchup do you buy?
When I say "hood", what do you think of?
Teenage mutant ninja TURTLES! Which one is your favorite?
If you lived in Gotham City, what would you do?
If I gave you a science sheet, would you yell?
Whats your favorite flavor of fruit granola bar things?
Did you see TDK? (The Dark Knight)
Did you see Harvey's face?!
These wont make much sense. :) Make up answers as best you can.
How is that a person?
Have you all seen the movie "Will Smith"?
And what sound does the "Artic Tern" make, Colin?
My dad is mowing the carpet?
Hey Osbourne! Is that your name?
Why is Harry Potter wearing pink underwear?
Hey, your loan is due.
Could it be the Tibbet Monks?
Why does Charmander have FOUR NIPPLES?
What is THIS snow?
How many people work at a bench?
Why don't you just give him one?
Why do Cole's always throw up?
You know you're cool when..you have a mullet in 2009?
Wtf is a bunyip?
Who was that by?
You touch men?
Would she REALLY eat it if it was Tony-Loaf?
Neji's an janitor?
And he noticed Terrence was watching him eat various vegtables?
You draw good circles, eh?
How could you kill something that looks like you?
Is that a chipmunk?
Those came from my old notebook. ;] Anyways...
Does it bother you when people name their survey 'random' and it isnt?
So, when are you planning on going to bed?
Is Carlton your favorite character from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?
You a fast typer? Yeah? How fast?
Read any good books lately? Any crappy ones?
Do you ever pretend you're reading a book so someone will leave you alone?
What time is it in a 24-hour clock?
Don't you hate when you accidentally drag and drop words somewhere random?
Markers, crayons, pastels, high-lighters, or pencil crayons?
What color of pen do you usually like to write in?
Bald for 2 months, or MASSIVE Afro for 2 years? (no wig or adjusting)
Which is better: staples or hole punchers?
Erasable pens or white out?
Have you ever accidentally wrote "erection" instead of "election"?
Whats the most embarassing typo ever?
What scares you more: aliens, clowns or robots?
Do you think all of your dreams are trying to tell you something?
Do you hate when the questions about texts and phonecalls come?
If you could only see everything in one color, which color would it be?
Would you care for a spot of tea?
Did you watch Arthur when you were younger?
If ya did, did you have a crush on Buster?
Did you ever have a crush on 'Carlos' from The Magic Schoolbus?
'Patrick' from Spongebob?
'Harry', 'Ron', 'Snape', or 'Draco' from Harry Potter?
'Darien' from Sailor Moon?
How many pieces of paper are in your printer, if any?
Whats up with all these M rated Arthur stories on FF.net?
Yeah, check that shit out. Did you? What happened?
Fanfiction DOT COM! Go there. It's the next part.
Go to "Search" and then click "Stories within".
Click on one of the things from the drop-down list.
What did you pick? Why?
Scroll down to the 11th one. What is it called?
Tee-hee. Now some finish-up questions. :( I know, it's sad, isnt it?
What's something you ate yesterday?
If you were an animal, magically of course, what would ya be? Why?
What would you do if the Joker was in your house. Right there, right now?
Whose better?: Cat Woman or Wonder Woman? How come?
Are you asking yourself "how are these finish-up questions?"
And what are your thoughts on Kraft Dinner?
Whose line IS it, anyway?
Is it your line? Or is it his, perhaps?
Is it called "Mikes Milk" or "Mac's Mart"?
You gonna eat that?
Do you know anyone by the name of "Jerry"?
Whats your code-name? Make it up right now.
What word do you say when something's awkward?
Would you lick a sweaty bald man to save someone's live?
It's over. I'm breaking up with you. It's not you.. its me.