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Author: briansbbygirl
Created: November 8, 2008
Taken: 565 times
Rated: G

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you're worth losing my self esteem . (:

Created by briansbbygirl and taken 565 times on Bzoink
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Who are you more like: mom or dad?
Have you ever kissed a random person for money?
Do you chew gum like a cow?
Do you have a crush on more than one person?
Is it okay to like osmeone else when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Do you tell your mom/dad everything?
Are you single? If so, who do you like flirting with?
Have you ever smelled nail polish remover?
What year do you graduate?
Does your mom have the same taste in guys as you do?
Do you wish you played the piano?
Do you have any clotihng with fur on it?
When was your last heartbreak?
Do you have a baby brother?
Do you even use your house phone anymore?
Is your high school the high school your parents went to?
Do you bring the fire?
Who was the person you had the longest relationship with?
What happened?
Have you ever seen the show Exiled?
Does seeing those episodes change your mind on how you act & treat people?
Isn't it hot when guys straighten their hair?
Are you on myspace right now?
Did you ask your parents if you could have a myspace?
What's the very FIRST word of the song you're listening to?
The last word?
Are either of your parents old enough to be your grandparents?
What's the last class you have at school?
Have you ever been locked inside a room as a punishment?
Did you always eat all your food as a kid?
What's your favorite thing about walking?
Do you own a treadmill?
Do you use it?
I bet you have a secret place to hide your money, huh?
If you don't have any pockets, where do you put your money?
Is there a piece of jewlery you're dying to have?
What's the most important gift you recieved?
Do you keep the gifts your exes give you?
Why or why not?
Do you wear ankle socks?
What sports do you play or want to play?
Is wrestling for gay guys?
What was your elementary school mascot?
Are you better looking than you were ten years ago?