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Author: starburst0998
Created: November 8, 2008
Taken: 218 times
Rated: G

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Dream Guy

Created by starburst0998 and taken 218 times on Bzoink
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Hair Color?
Muscular or Skinny?
Funny or Serious?
Emo or Jock?
Loud or Quiet?
Outgoing or To Themselves?
Level 1-10
You Choose
More Impotant
Looks or Personality?
Athletic Ability or Level of Caring?
Cooking or Cleaning?
Car or House?
Do you want to have kids?
How long do you want to be with someone before marriage?
Do you want to be friends before starting a relationship?
Why or Why Not?
Do you want your guy to care about grades?
Do you want to be with your guy all the time?
Would you expect your guy to help you with homework and carry books?
Would you want your guy to call you hot or gorgeous?
Do you want to take it slow or at a faster pace?
Would you expect your guy to bail you out of jail if you got arrested?
Where would you want to go on dates?
Do you want him to like to have fun or be more casual?
What would your current love song be together?
Would you want to have nicknames for each other?
Would he be your top friend on myspace?
How Do You Feel About Your Guy
Being Jelous?
Being Overprotetive?
Wanting to know where you are all the time?
Calling all the time?
Sending more than 15 messages to you a day?
Holding you hand in public?
Kissing you in public?
Showing you off to his friends?
You being the only thing he talks about?
Not having time for you?
What Would You Do If
He got arrested?
Cheated on you?
Didnt have manners?
Was too lazy?
Took you on boring dates?
Talked to much?
Was stubborn?
Ate all your food?
Tried to take it too fast for you?
Was afraid to take it any further?
Talked about other girls?
Told you everything and you didnt want to hear it?
Was to polite?
Never talked to you?
Never listened to you?
Final Questions
Do you expect presetns for every holiday?
Do you want him to put you as his top friend?
Do you want him to sit with you everyday at lunch?
Could you deal with him being jelous?
Could you deal with him being over protective?
Would you change for a guy?
Would you try something new for a guy?
How far would you go on the first date?

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