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Author: sarahhlav
Created: November 6, 2008
Taken: 118 times
Rated: G

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what a girl wants(for girls!)

Created by sarahhlav and taken 118 times on Bzoink
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a sucsessful man or a famous man?
what's sexier; fishnets or solid leggings?
MAC or Stilla?
puppies or kittens?
Cosmopolitan or Vogue?
cosmopolitan or strawberry dacare?
on a man; mustaches or beards?
classic red lipstick or shiny neutral gloss?
to be worn; earth tones or bright colours?
is it ever okay to wear white after labor day?
project runway or america's next top model?
Gucci or Prada?
Abercrombie or Hollister?
Macys or H&M?
pink or purple?
flats or heels?
Steve Madden or Chinese Laundry?
take out or a good homecooked meal?
speaking of homecooked,a man who cooks for you or buys you dinner nightly?
texting or email?
dating a man more or less successful than you?
being referred to as a vixen or a tease?
on a man; green or blue eyes?
cheetah or zebra print?
prefer being in a relationship or being single more?
tan skin or pale skin?
key lime pie or coconut pie?
a nice dinner at your favorite restaraunt or a romantic dinner in?
relaxing on the couch or in bed?
how often do you watch lifetime movie network?
Gossip Girl or The O.C.?
kisses or hugs?
do you like cuddling?
starbusts or skittles?
strabucks or tullys?
your favorite place to shop?
your ideal gift to recieve?
your favorite perfume?
your favorite flower?
your favorite food?
your favorite girls name?
your favorite boys name?
your favorite place to be?
your favorite animal?
your favorite drink?