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Author: kyexyukii
Created: November 6, 2008
Taken: 14 times
Rated: PG

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[[Magical Trevor Made Me Make This]]

Created by kyexyukii and taken 14 times on Bzoink
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Okay, sorry about that, little too much cake today.
Er... Do you eat pies?
That's really nice.
Do you know the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?
Will you tell me?
What's the best kind of pizza?
Will you make me some?
Have you ever read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?
You should.
It's really good.
Have you ever eaten a rabbit?
That was weird.
All right, something new.
Er.. You might be a little weirded out by these.
How many people do you think are shaving their legs, right now?
Would you rather go naked, or with just some pants?
How many dogs do you think are eating the garbage right now?
Do you think The Beatles are good?
Do you think The Jonas Brother's suck?
Is old people music the new people music?
Is your mom awesome?
Do you have the AIM toolbar?
Does that little website counter tick you off?
Dammit. The computer froze.
I forgot what I had typed. D:
I r so very sad.
Dod you know that it's possible to lick your elbow?
I've seen someone do it.
I wonder if any midgets live around here.
Do you think midgets are amusing?
Do you think pretty much anything is amusing?
I do. :D
Do you play Wonderland Online?
I do. I'm a level 12. I fail so hard. xD
Do you solve your problems with a chain saw?
Malcom does.
Do you like cows?
I have five now.
They all have names.
I name things a lot.
:D My computer's name is Betsy.
Does your computer have a name?
Do you think Tom Cruise is cool?
Have you ever been to Encylopedia Dramatica?
It's awesome.
If you go there, read the articles on House and Barack Obama.
They are fantastic giggle inducers.
Are you a little bit special?
Did you buy a stairway to Heavan?
Do you have a stairway at all?
Do you like pugs?
I have two pugs.
Do you eat bugs?
Do you give reindeers great big hugs?
Do you ever read thesauruses for fun?
Do you like small children?
Do you see that the nuns are gay?
I'm changing now. I r bored.
Um... Music?
What do you usually listen too?
Do you have a favorite song?
Do you ever have fantasies about band members?
Was the answer to that a lie?
Do you really hate a certain type of music?
A band?
A song?
Do you put a song to a situation like a soundtrack?
I went to do laundry and totally forgot what I was talking about.
So, new thingy.
Do you believe that there's someone out there to save us all?
Do you believe that religion is important?
Do you think that abortion is a crime against humainity?
Do you think being drunk is wrong?
Do you think having children one after the other is irresponsible?
Do you think it's okay for children to act as stupidly as they do?
Are you happy Obama won?
Do you think being mean to someone because they were mean to you is okay?
Does it bother you when people act low-class?
Is it okay with you if I start to wrap this thing up?
Then see you later, alligator!