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Author: xxblaqkelectricxx
Created: November 6, 2008
Taken: 10 times
Rated: G

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Are you ready to fill in some blanks? =D (Excellent spelling and grammar)!

Created by xxblaqkelectricxx and taken 10 times on Bzoink
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To complete the phrase, fill in the blank. They are all song lyrics.
But if you don't know the lyric then make something up!
Here we go:
I'm a rocker, I'm a __________.
Got slicked back hair, skin tight jeans, a cadillac, and a teenage ______.
I'm on my way to the promise land. I'm on the highway to _______.
Nobody's gonna ________ me down.
The kid is into losin' sleep and he don't come home for half the _______.
They say it's kinda ____________ how this younger generation swings.
And the cradle will ________.
At an early age he hits the _______.
Everytime I see you cry it makes me want to ____.
Desperate for changing, starving for _______.
I'm __________ after you.
Letting go of all I've ______ onto.
As the red day is _________ and the _________ cracks the sky.
On a ______ winter morning in the time before the _______.
The sound of evil ________ falls around the world tonight.
The scattered souls will feel the ______ that is wasted on the shores.
Tonight we're flyin', we're ________.
We feel the pain of a life time lost in a __________ days.
Through the _______ and the ________ we carry on.
You got your mama's style but you're yesterday's ________ to me.
You're gettin' it all over me ___ rated.
Welcome to the _______ .
If you've got the money, honey, we've got your _________.
You can taste the bright _______, but you won't get them for ________.
If you've got a _______ for what you see. You'll take it ___________.
You can have _________ you want but you better not take it from ___.
And I'm hungry like the _______.
I'm on the hunt, I'm after _____.
You kick up the _______ and the magic is ______.
'Cause you've had a _____ day.
Your hair reminds me of that one safe ______.
Sweet Child O' _____. Oooh, sweet love o' _____.
I'm still crashing all the funerals of these people that I never ______.
I'm stuck in a ______. Stuck in a never-ending _____.
Shut the ____ and turn ___ the lights ____.
And listen to all the ______ that the night _______.
It was _____ my thoughts were _____, my hair was _____.
I don't need to try to explain, I just hold on ______.
You'll never know what hit you when __ get to ____.
Every night in my _______. I see you, I feel ___.
Far across the _________ and spaces between ___.
Near, far, wherever ____ are.
Once more, you ______ the door.
Oh, I. I just _____ in your arms ______.
Bring your _______ to me.
I'll let you feel the ________ they put in me.
Hey, Miss ______, can I? Hey, Miss ______, can I?
Make _______ stay if I take my _____?
Convicted of every _______. Silently doing _______.
They tortured every ______ of me and expect me to _______ it.
A little bit better than __ used to __ 'cause I'm ______!
Take a ride on the ______ side.
This one has a _____ but it don't have a ______.
Pick up the _____ and set them on ______.
Follow the ______ goin' higher and _______.
Hooked on a star, enraptured by the ____.
Can you spare a _____?
I'll _____ from miles away.
I will send you _____ and seal it with a _____.
I will walk across the ______ to where the ___ meets the sea.
Give this ghost my devotion to keep ____ from ___.
Just say good-____ I'll live and I'll ____.
Like the virgin ice of an early ______.
With just one mis-step, I go ______.
Scream through _______ that cut your voice ____.
Wide ______, will nothing soothe?
With one word I take this _____ from you but I fall _____.
It has been too long since I've felt this ____.
I'm sorry I can't be ________.
The faster we're ______, we're stoppin', and stallin'.
But still we're tryin' one more _____.
Cut loose, ________, kick off your Sunday ______.
In the ____, it doesn't even _______.
Warn your warmth to turn _____.
Here, it's __________ every day.
Love like _______.
For of ______ and _____ I am made.
He bit my lip and drank my ____ from years _______.
She exhales vanilla _____. I barely ______ her yesterday.
Read the lines in the mirror through the lipstick ______.
It's in the _____, I met my _____ before I was born.
She bit my _____ and drank my ______ from years _______.
Seaside, whenever you stroll along with ___.
Meanwhile, I ask you to be my _______.
I love you, _______.
Dynamite with a ______ beam.
Demolition _______ can I be your man?
I'm outta _____. Outta _____.
Passion killer, you're too _____. You're the only one I wanna _____.
I see your face every time I ______.
You're all I _____. My fantasty.
Touchdown, ___________, I never see you _________.
I never knew you threw so _______.
I know you believe in __.
Nothin's gonna stop ___. Nothin's gonna be scared of ___.
Standin' on top of the ______ for a little _____.
There's a fortune waitin' to be ___.
If you think I'll let it go you're ____.
I'm gonna _____ it up.
I'm on the _____ as long as the music's ______.
You've got another thing ________.
You ____ me well, you like it too and I can _____.
I know it's _____ to feel like I don't care at ____.
And I can't make it on my ___ because my heart is in ______.
So cut my _____ and _____ my eyes.
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y ________!
I got a ____ at the good ol' ____ and ____.
Gonna ___ it up, hold it ___.
Tell her all the little _____ I'm gonna __.
I'm gonna let her ____.
She's my ______ pie.
Taste's so _____, make a grown man ____.
Swingin' where we _____ 'cause there ain't nobody _____.
Don't even ___ 'cause you _____ ignore her.
TNT I'm _______!
TNT watch me _________!
Guess it doesn't ______. Guess it doesn't _____ anymore.
You're gonna go to the ______ store.
You're gonna give them all your _____.
Radio plays what they want you to ______.
Sell out with me ________.
_________ _______, that's where I wanna be!
I didn't go to _____ school. ______ girls never looked at ___.
I love ____ n' ____ so put another dime in the juke ____, baby.
I saw him dancin' there by the _____ machine.
You know it ain't _____, runnin' out of thrills.
I've gone through ______, I've gone through ______.
I'm a hummin' ___ a strummin' all over God's ______.
You can't remember where you got your last ______.
You didn't know what ____ n' ____ was.
The heater don't work and it's oh so ______.
The rhythm of the streets sure knocks you off your ______.
My, my, my, I'm _____ bitten, _____ shy, baby.
Oh! I'm walkin' on _________!
Hit me with your _____ shot. ____ away.
C'mon you don't fight _____. That's okay, see if I _____.
Let's ring out the _____ again like we did when _______ began.
The innocent can never _____.
Wake me up when __________ ends.
____ years has gone so ______.
A natural killer in a ___ place, alone.
Everybody's got their __________. Everybody says the same things to ____.
Carryin' your _____ with me. West Virginia down to _____________.
Day's breaking, I ain't waking ___. I'm sleepin' ___.
Take my ________ by the ______ 'cause I'm the next big thing.
Here I ___! Rock you like a ____________!
She laughs at my _______, but I dream about her ___________.
Sweet Home __________. Where skies are so ________.
Her name is ____ and she _________ on the sand.
Mississippi _________, if you know what I _______.
________ Queen, she taught me _________.
The bad guys know __, and they leave __ alone.
And every time we kiss I ______ I could fly.
I walk this lonely ______ on the Boulevard of Broken _______.
I _____ everything about you. Why do I _______ you?
Shout, shout, shout! Shout at the _______!
I am the great __________. Pretending that I'm doing ______.
Reminds me of _________ memories.
Now and ____ when I see her _______ she takes me away to that ______ place.
She's got _____ of the bluest _____ as if she thought of _____.
What's got ____ so jumpy?
Why can't you sit _____, yeah.
What's been goin' ___ in that head of ____?
Unskinny bop, just blows me _____.
Carry on my Wayward _____, there'll be peace when you are ______.
Lay your weary _____ to rest. Don't you ____ no more.
Surely _____ waits for you.
Though my mind could ______, I still was a mad _____.
I'm going off the rails on a _______ train.
Crazy, but that's how it _____. Millions of ________ living as ____.
Maybe it's not too _____ to learn how to ______ and forget how to _______.
She's a dwelling place for _______.
She's a _____ for every unclean ______.
This shining city built of _____.
The Beast and the _________.
I'm lonely but no one can ______.
I'm the great ________. Adrift in a world of my _____.
But to my real ______. You left __ to dream _______.
He's the wolf screamin' _____ in the night.
He's the blood ______ on the stage.
I'm lookin' to the ____ to save me. Lookin' for a _____ of life.
Hope you enjoyed this survey! =D