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Author: xcheshirexratx
Created: November 2, 2008
Taken: 78 times
Rated: PG

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[[Goodly Rotten Apples -- Just a Survey]]

Created by xcheshirexratx and taken 78 times on Bzoink
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[[the basics. sort of]]
if you could pick your name, what would it be?
how old do you look?
are you girly or boyish (or in between)?
where would you like to live?
eye color on the preferred sex:
color to wear:
kind of weather:
comic book character:
farm animal:
black and white movie:
string instrument:
exhibit at the zoo:
concert venue:
[[random fandom]]
are you into anime? if so, what's your favorite?
what character from your favorite tv show would you most want to kiss?
how about from your favorite movie?
do you ever read or write fanfic?
how about drawing fanart?
do you have a fandom you're embarassed about? if so, what?
what fictional character [book/movie/tv/etc] would you like to be?
is that the character you relate to most?
+quick! list five friends+
+now...according to YOU...+
if #1 was an animal, what would they be?
if #2 had a choice between love and money, what would they choose?
#3 is on their deathbed, what would be good last words for them?
what song would #4 most likely dedicate to you?
if #5 won the lottery, what would they buy first?
[[play that funky music]]
what was the first song you heard by your favorite band/artist?
of any band, what album has the best cover art, in your opinion?
do you like to sing karaoke?
what state was the first concert you attended in?
in the last week, what song have you been listening to most?
do you ever listen to classical music?
what movie has your favorite soundtrack?
techno - like or dislike?
what band do you think has a totally awesome name?
do you ever listen to music that is in a language you can't speak fluently?
unblack metal (christian black metal) - yay or nay?
what band do you love that you know all your friends would hate?
ABBA is emo - agree or disagree?
do you like to watch musicals?
[[have you ever...]]
been afraid of the dark?
played a guitar?
played a tuba?
gone to school/work in your pajamas?
forgotten your name?
killed a deer (accident or not)?
dated a vegitarian?
kissed your best friend?
been so drunk that you faceplanted into a wall?
watched the History Channel?
...and enjoyed it?
wanted to be a ballerina?
eaten a goldfish?
been kicked out of school?
been told "you look so familiar" by someone who you know you've never met?
licked a toad?
tried something dangerous you saw on tv at home?
had an inside joke that spread so far people won't believe you made it up?
walked in on someone having sex?
wished you had something better to do than this survey? XP