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Author: xotabsxo
Created: October 31, 2008
Taken: 350 times
Rated: G

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Simply you, the silly things that hardly matter.

Created by xotabsxo and taken 350 times on Bzoink
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Welcxome to the Result of My Boredom. Have fun. =)
What's your favorite song?
Do you ever listen to the radio?
Do you absolutely despise rap?
Do you like classical music?
Have you ever toilet papered someones house?
Have you ever been toilet papered?
Are you and your cell phone practically conjoined twins?
Have you ever had your phone taken away in school?
Do you have any stuffed animals?
What's the last thing you spent more than five dollars on?
Are your parents weird, or are they actually cool?
Do you find it annoying when people compare labels?
Do you get songs stuck in your head often?
Do you love to dream?
Do you like to wear hats? (not including baseball caps)
Who was the last person you hugged?
Are they your friend, or do you absolutely hate them?
When's the last time you wore someone else's jacket?
Do you like people staring at you or would you rather blend in?
Are your jeans super baggy or loose?
Isn't it annoying when girls wear pants but you can still see their butts?
Did you ever play on a soccer team?
Do you like kittens?
Name the five weirdest people you know.
Do you ever say 'OMG!' in actual conversation?
Do you like hot, or cold?
Don't you hate it when people say 'nice mask, but its not halloween!
Do you ever find that you can't keep your eyes off someone you dont know?
Do you 'like' someone?
Have you ever seen a pregnant women whose stomach was painted? (I have =P)
Whose your favorite cartoon character?
Do you label yourself?
Do you swear around your friends?
Do you play video games?
What's your favorite book?
Do you even read unless its for school?
Have you ever paid someone to do your homework?
Have you ever been paid to do someone's homework?
Do you like bottom lockers or top ones?
Do you hate it when people repeat the same questions in surveys?
Do you blush often?
Are you wearing any jewelry?
Do you ever just wish you could kill a non-living thing?
Don't you hate it when people end their surveys by asking if you liked it?