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Author: sparklesszz
Created: October 28, 2008
Taken: 298 times
Rated: PG

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Secrets About Your Past

Created by sparklesszz and taken 298 times on Bzoink
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Did you ever...
Have a crush on a best friend?
Wonder about changing your orientation?
Want some crazy piercing?
Try to pierce yourself?
Start swearing to be cool?
Listen to certain music to be cool?
Have to try to fit in with people around you?
Smoke or Drink?
Practice things behind your parents backs?
Do things just because your rents would hate you to?
Dress a certain way to try it?
Paint your nails black alot?
Not have any friends?
Ask someone out?
what did they say?
how many real friends did you have?
Were you realli shy?
what did you do a lot by yourself?
did you hang out with your friends alot?
Did you wear alot of makeup?
did you have a horrible habbit?
Do you still have it?
did you have a myspace?
Did you only makeyour myspace cause everyone else had one?
Did you loose a friend?
Did you make enemys?
Did you have any horrible relationships?
Have you even changed that much?
how much would you say youve changed over the years?
how come?
how many tymes did you move?
how many schools have you been to?
do you miss your old friends?
was your hair really different?
do you have a lot of secrest from your past?
about how many?
would you ever tell anyone?
how many people knoe?
Do they seem to look at you differently?
are you ashamed by your past?
was it really that bad?
are you glad i didnt go any farther in this survey?
why DID you take this survey??