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Author: nauticalnosebleed
Created: October 26, 2008
Taken: 1,642 times
Rated: PG

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True Or False II.

Created by nauticalnosebleed and taken 1642 times on Bzoink
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Mark True or false for your answer. Have fun!
I love going to the mall.
I have more than one best friend.
I have over four hundred songs on my iTunes, Media Player, ect.
My favorite candy bar is a Snickers.
I have at least two pets.
Iím vegetarian.
I have questioned my sexuality.
Iíve cheated on a boy/girlfriend.
I like taking long surveys better than short ones.
I move around a lot.
Iíve been in a fist fight
Iíve worn someone elseís socks.
My best friend and I borrow each otherís clothes constantly.
I know how to skateboard.
I have my driverís license.
I live on the coast.
I love The Real World.
I listen to bands that nobody has ever heard of.
I have more than one Myspace.
I am subscribed to over fifty Xangas.
Iíve been camping.
I know a kid named Austin.
I hate my middle name.
I loathe people who make a lot of spelling or punctuation errors.
I double letters a lot (Ex: No wayy!).
Iíve had a crush on someone way older than me.
I wear leggings.
I donít go to church.
My best friend is of the opposite sex.
I went through a Backstreet Boys/N*SYNC stage.
I consider myself to be fat.
Iím single.
Iím a comment whore.
My parents let me cuss.
I watch a lot of movies.
I never got into the whole skinny jeans and flats trend.
I read Seventeen like itís my Bible.
I love Gwen Stefani.
I donít think Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp are all that good looking.
I like bolding surveys better than ones you have to fill out.
I use a number higher than four on my top friends.
I recently bought a new CD.
I have an Xanga for surveys.
I have an Xanga for pretty much everything.
I change my layout like I change underwear.
I miss one of my exes.
My TV is on right now.
I have a friend whoís gay.
I get along better with my dad than my mom.
I live with someone else other than my parents.
I have seen Stephan Kingís ďITď.
I believe in pro-life.
I know someone with AIDS or HIV.
I live in the suburbs.
I want to get a tattoo.
I can name all of the Rugrats.
I have naturally curly hair.
I can speak more than one language.
I love dancing.
I think I have a disorder.
Iíve taken medicine for depression.
Goth and emo people scare me.
I love Christmas time.
I know how to rollerskate/blade.
I know a girl named Emily.
I was in Girl/Boy Scouts.
I love to take pictures/be in pictures.
I know what I want to name my kids.
Iíve been in love.
I sleep with more than one pillow.
I consider myself preppy.
I love pink.
I have over fifty CDs.
I always wear eyeliner.
I pluck my eyebrows.
Iíve been out of the country.
I know all of my heritage.
I usually always wear thongs.
I have a B in my name.
I know a lot about cars.
I download music without paying for it.
I donít have a cellphone.
I have my own car.
I still use CD players.
I actually have a favorite shape.
I know what college I want to go to.
I have a boyfriend, but I also have a huge crush on someone else.
I wear glasses.
I love Converse.
Iím afraid of heights.
Iím very outgoing.
Iíve been called random.
I discovered a good band recently.
I need to take a shower/bath.
Iím listening to music right now.
I still have dial-up.
I get nervous around the opposite sex.
My favorite class is either math or science.
Iíve had a boyfriend/crush named Sean.
Iím glad this is over, it was boring and retarded.