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Author: roguesorcerer
Created: October 25, 2008
Taken: 447 times
Rated: G

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x Welcome To The Creepshow x (This one IS worth it)

Created by roguesorcerer and taken 447 times on Bzoink
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Cute, but pure psycho.
What was the last contest you have ever won:
What was the worst hair cut you have ever had in your entire life:
What was the worst thing you have ever worn in your life:
What is your most favourite kind of cake:
Do you like any sort of animes:
What have you done today that was the most boring thing you have done:
Have you ever used someone for your own benefits:
What is the worst cartoon you have ever seen:
Do you type slow or fast:
Do you like to type or write more:
Do you have a myspace account. If so, what is your url:
Do you have your own website. If so, label it here if you want to:
Do you like to drink lemonade or tea on hot summer days:
What do you prefer to have in your coffee:
How much gold do you currently have on your Gaia account:
If you do not have a Gaia account, would you like one:
What colour would you have your skin if you could change it:
What colour are your eyes:
What colour shirt are you wearing at this very moment at this very time:
Do you usually cook your own meals, or does someone cook for you:
If someone cooks for you, do you always thank them for it:
What do you do during the day:
When you are online what do you normally find yourself doing:
What is the most hated item you own:
What is your most favourite item you own out of all the items you have:
So, do you think that you will get where you want in life currently:
Why is that so. May I ask:
Do you like Halloween:
x Which one of these things do you prefer the most x
Black OR White:
Black Hair OR Red Hair:
Faeries OR Dragons:
Tall OR Short:
Zaxby's OR Arby's:
Tea OR Carbonated Drinks:
Chuckie OR Tiffany:
Yellow OR Green:
Fantasy OR Reality:
Pretty And Dumb OR Ugly And Intelligent:
Anime OR Cartoons:
Having A Baby OR Getting An Abortion:
More questions
Have you ever had an abortion:
What do you think about an abortion:
What is your view on racism:
Is there really much of a difference between genders:
Choose Two Please.
Which two things do you like to do
Which two things do you hate
What are two things you like to read
What are two holidays you like
What is two of your worst fears
What would you like to say about my survey.